Vision and Mission

Apart from being an academic institute, LUMS has always been responsible for homing and grooming some of Pakistan’s leading entrepreneurs and startups. These have gone on to becoming successful businesses in the professional world.

To keep the spirit of this venture alive, the National Incubation Center Lahore (NIC) was established in the year 2018 as an independent center. Under the esteemed LUMS umbrella, NIC functions as the most comprehensive experiential and developmental platform for aspiring entrepreneurs.

It formalizes the process of:

  1. Scouting,
  2. Grooming and
  3. Facilitating startups.

NIC gives its startups the best of both worlds. Using state of the art facilities with LUMS at the epicenter – the  incubation program is equipped with mentors, resources and management required to maximize the growth potential of Pakistani entrepreneurs.

Our Vision

To become a renowned breeding ground that facilitates sustainable, high-growth and high-impact entrepreneurial ventures in Pakistan.

Our Mission

To implement the most comprehensive experiential and developmental learning program and equip entrepreneurs to continuously reach new professional heights.

Download a PDF brief about NIC