Dr. Sarah Qureshi

CEO/Founder Aero Engine Craft (Pvt.) Ltd.

NIC Lahore has a state-of-the-art Makers Lab with a 4+1 Axis Milling Machine that can machine out complex geometries. We have used this machining facility to prototype an impeller for one of our research jet engines. The lab staff is professionally trained and manages all machining jobs independently with accuracy.

State-of-the-art Lab

Muhammad Sabieh Anwar

Professor at SDSB, LUMS

The Makerspace is a hotbed of creativity. With the diverse range of equipment and the associated human resources, the space promises to become an engine for creative discovery, innovation and invention. We are lucky to have the Makerspace a part of our School and can already feel the excitement of our creators and designers who are poised to making the best of this facility. Being a wannabe inventor myself, I can fully understand how pivotal this facility can become. I like to thank the National Innovation Centre and the Fatima Group for helping us establish these resources.

Diverse Range of Equipment

M. Zeagham Qureshi

Student – MSEE

I gave the task to makers lab for my thesis work equipment. Those equipment’s were manufactures in Makerslab in a very excellent way. Makerslab made it with perfection and on time. Lab staff was very cooperative and always available in Lab. I recommend everyone to use the facility of Makerslab.

Lab staff was very cooperative

Ahsun Ali Khan

Founder Sesame

My time at the Makers lab was great. Every person was supportive, and I got useful advice whenever I needed it. I was able to prototype two modules of my machine using the metal lab and wood lab. Now that the Makers Lab is fully equipped and operational, I highly recommend it to anyone who wants quick prototyping in an excellent atmosphere.

Makers Lab is fully equipped and operational

Dr Muhammad Jahangir Ikram

Associate Professor, SBASSE, LUMS

The Makerslab has been recently setup at LUMS with financial help from Fatima Fertilizers. I have personally visited and made use of this wonderful facility. The staff is excellent and full of the experience necessary for this setup. This facility has been designed to take care of the needs of everyone following the journey from prototyping to designing an industrial product. With state of art laser cutting, CNC, PCB making machines and 3D printers, it is a designer’s dream come true. With more infrastructure in the pipeline, this will be a go-to place for every entrepreneur and the likes.

Wonderful Facility

Nauman Ahmad Zaffar

Associate Professor, SBASSE, LUMS

The Makers Lab at NIC Lahore, is a fully operational machining facility, comprising of state-of the art technology and highly trained personnel offering unique opportunities for researchers and start-up companies in Pakistan to transition from prototyping to product development. We had entrusted the Makers Lab to design and develop IP65 casings for BarqBox, which is an energy solutions company that proudly presents itself as the first local manufacturer of intelligent Li-ion battery packs in Pakistan. Our product is an intelligent, IoT enabled, retrofit Li-ion battery unit which is compatible and could replace any Lead-acid battery in all major storage-based systems in Pakistan including but not limited to, UPS, hybrid solar UPS solutions and Solar PV systems. The IP65 casings required by BarqBox were built professionally thereby smoothening the transition from prototyping stage to product development.

Furthermore, the Makers Lab was assigned the task of developing custom-made IP65 casings for SolDrive, which is a LUMS conceived product, that is designed and developed conversion kit for existing installed base of split air-conditioners (ACs) that use a rotary compressor and induction motor to convert them into inverter mode operation. The technical staff at Makers Lab have been highly co-operative and hold great expertise in their field. The IP65 casings developed for SolDrive were of commendable quality and were delivered in a timely manner thus facilitating SolDrive in shifting from prototyping to product stage.

Fully operational machining facility

Waseem Arshad

NICL Cohort 5

The makers lab is state of the art facility in the incubation centre. The staff of the makers lab is experienced and professional. It is a nice experience working in the makers lab.

Staff is experienced and professional

Usman Khan

NICL Cohort 6

We have a startup in NIC at LUMS. We are developing a machine which can automate the process of Roti making. We used maker’s lab facility for the fabrication of our machine. We used CNC machining lab, wood working lab and 3d printing for the fabrication. Lab has supported a lot in our project in fabrication which otherwise would be very difficult for startup’s to find these facilities at reasonable cost out in the market. Lab’s staff is also very cooperative have also help in design thinking and assembly processes. Maker’s lab facility is very helpful in product development as they have high sophisticated machines to develop highly complex parts.

It's very helpful in product development