Cohort 11 - E-Intel

We aim to start a brain-body data analysis corporation, E-Intel, that will introduce and develop many cutting-edge Neuroscientific technologies and applications in Pakistan. Our first product, BBRhythm, will non-invasively collect neural and physiological data of high-school & univ. students, perform analysis to help reach a mental health diagnosis, and provide neurofeedback therapy (NFT) to alleviate stress and increase attention/concentration level

Cohort 11 - MetaRehab

MetaRehab is a Digital Therepeutics company focused on rendering mental healthcare solutions via AI and Cloud based systems to healthcare facilities all over the world and using VR, AR and MR solutions to eliminate mental health issues in people suffering from psychological distress. 

Cohort 11 - OPD

A telemedicine based platform targeting the lower socioeconomic population of Pakistan, designed to address majority of the problems existing in our traditional health system at the grass root level i.e bilateral over saturation, lack of proper follow up & record keeping system and pervading quackery etc

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