Cohort 10 - Garrari

Garrari is an online application based ecosystem comprising of 100+ services related to the automobile sector of Pakistan, our aim is to engage audience through multiple tailoured offerings best suited for different niches of customers.

Cohort 10 - ClebNet

ClebNet currently aims to connect artists from the film production industry with entities who would be interested in employing their services such as for an ad or endorsement. It's like fiverr / upwork but for creatives.

Cohort 10 - Genesis Technologies

Genesis Technologies provides the following services: - Hidden network which is further divided into multiple branches known as Onion, I2P and Freenet for company looking for complete anonymity and privacy. - DApps built on crypto network targeting organization that believe in decentralization and crypto currency future. - Metaverse, a next generation reality focusing companies who want to extend their business in virtual environment.

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