Cohort 12 - Fasttrack

Revolutionizing the conventional market landscape, Fasttrack serves as a pioneering last-mile delivery service for e-commerce sellers in Pakistan, fundamentally shifting the paradigm by empowering customers with seamless and efficient delivery solutions.

Cohort 10 - Garrari

Garrari is an online application based ecosystem comprising of 100+ services related to the automobile sector of Pakistan, our aim is to engage audience through multiple tailoured offerings best suited for different niches of customers.

Cohort 6 - TransGo

The freight industry is still marred by inefficiencies that include labour-intensive brokering, insecurity, and under-utilized trucks running on inefficient routes, resulting in high costs. TransGo is developing a digital freight matching network that matches shipper demand for carrier capacity. The network will allow carriers to show available spare capacity and be automatically connected with shippers along the same route. Shippers will get competitive and transparent rates upfront and can track in-transit shipments in real time.

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