Cohort 6 - Intelligent Guard

Inventory shrinkage can cost brick and mortar businesses billions of dollars every year. Most inventory shrinkage occurs due to theft, fraud, errors, and damage. Intelligent Guard’s artificial intelligence-based software helps detect potential shoplifters using footage from the store’s security cameras and notifies managers. The software is also capable of alerting the police about a robbery in real time as well as detecting fire hazards.

Cohort 6 - TechNM

Roti is a staple food item in most South Asian diets. However, preparing rotis is a time-consuming and tedious process. While automatic roti-making kitchen appliances have entered the market, they carry a hefty price tag. TechNM is developing an affordable alternative for people on a budget. Their rotimaker will use flour, water, and oil as inputs to prepare rotis, replacing the process of kneading dough, rolling out, and cooking.

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