Partners to Problem-Solvers

Partners to Problem-Solvers

At NICL we’re partners to problem solvers; solution seekers who tirelessly support ideas that provide answers to Pakistan’s most critical problems.

Our aim is to bolster the start-up ecosystem in the country by providing founders with the right atmosphere, training and resources, enabling start-ups to survive and scale, and attract investment capital for growth.

We do this by providing:

1. An immersive and rigorous Foundation Program to nurture Pakistani entrepreneurs, led by LUMS faculty and international experts, helping start-ups develop their ideas into investor-ready business plans.

2. Giving access to a network of experts and business leaders that nurture and guide ideas to fruition

3. State-of-the-art facilities including co-working spaces, and innovation labs (Makers Labs, Facebook Innovation Lab, Innowi Lab)

With LUMS at its epicentre, and support from Ignite, Ministry of Information, Technology and Telecom, and Fatima Ventures, NICL serves as a platform for collaboration between industry and applied academic research.

We at NICL also aim to support marginalized communities, especially youth and women in tertiary cities of Pakistan, through economic development by fostering skills and increasing market access.