NIC Startup Prosthetics; Replacing Limbs, Changing Lives

Neurostic is a biomedical enterprise dealing with a variety of medical equipment from Decision Support Systems to Prosthesis. It is the brain child of a graduate of the National University of Science and Technology (NUST), Asad Raza who in 2016 set out to change the face of prosthetic world for the globe.

It was as a fresh graduate and an immaculate mind that Raza felt a lag in the medical equipment being used and produced in Pakistan. The equipment being produced was deemed unfit and was considered almost primitive in comparison to the current market.

The materials used for the prosthetics were proven to provide discomfort. They represented a product that was expensive and required replacement frequently. Raza mentions how the material that could be found within Pakistan’s local Sialkot market served a far better quality than what was being developed and bought from the international seller.

Upon research it was learnt that Sialkot being the hub of sports equipment and its production held the capacity to become a large prosthetic market. Raza mentions how it was research and exposure that made it apparent that the level of expertise required was the same that already existed.

However, the quality of the material needed to change in order to ensure convenience for the user. After making prototypes several test runs were conducted to ensure the product being marketed was worth the while.

It was during this time that Asad found himself incubated with National Incubation Center Lahore formerly known as the Lahore Center of Entrepreneurship (LCE), where he was able to sign a contract with the an International Donor. It was this milestone in the development of the product that exposed Raza and his company to the international market.

Through this incentive he was able to employee more than 25 people and created several other jobs at a relatively lower strata.

Since initiation, his company has experienced an 800% growth in revenue featuring Raza himself in the Forbes 30 under 30 list of 2018.

The prosthetic range at Neurostic includes Achilles 1000, Achilles 1 and Achilles X. All three are made out of a carbon fiber foot with a dynamic ankle, adjustable heel and an aluminum body with an 18 month long warranty. They have a restoring foot force and an adjustable body comes with a low to high impact level to meet the various needs of the users.

Raza claims the inspiration came from watching his father shift jobs and loses his credibility in the midst of it. He claims;

“When you’re working somewhere the good that you do easily gets sidelined when you leave the workplace. When I saw that is what made me want to do something on my own. To be able to watch the impact of the work I do.”

Asad spoke of the scale at which he wishes to take his product. His aim is to target the African and Afghanistan market to counter their medical lacks. He believes that the feasibility and practicality of the product is what should matter. Despite it being the digital age, Raza is of the belief that efficiency is more important because a successful product is one that is useable to the world.

He claims that his wish is to take neurotics to a global scale and allow his innovation to save millions of lives. The healthcare startup aims to provide low cost and high quality wearable and implantable medical devices for the developing world.

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