The Lahore University of Management Sciences is a world class academic institution with a history of achievement and ambitions for the future. LUMS encourages research and intellectual growth and thus plays a pivotal role in producing professionals prepared to compete with colleagues across the world.

The Foundry entails 80+ sessions and 115 learning hours conducted by 11 LUMS faculty members and external consultants. Courses include:

  1. Design Thinking   
  2. Business Communications
  3. Strategy & Business Modeling
  4. Marketing, Branding & Sales
  5. Data Analytics & Marketing Research
  6. Entrepreneurial Finance
  7. Negotiations & Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship

The Foundry graduates pitch at the Investor Summit: our capstone event to provide start-ups the exposure and runway to launch their ideas, get on investors’ radar and raise angel investment

Saarland University (Germany):

A modern research university located in Saarbrücken, the capital of the German state of Saarland. It was founded in 1948 in Homburg in co-operation with France and is organized in six faculties that cover all major fields of science.

Entrepreneurship 1:1 is a one-month asynchronous training program that fosters idea generation.

Stanford Seed Spark:

An initiative of the Stanford Graduate School of Business, the Seed Spark Program delivers essential business training to early-stage entrepreneurs in collaboration with incubators, accelerators, and other organizations.

NICL was proud to be the first incubation centre to launch this program in Pakistan.

The four-months immersive online acceleration program provides an action-based curriculum, networking opportunities with peers, 1:1 mentorship and live sessions with experts in the field.

Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences:

A partnership with LUMS to establish an incubation centre (NIC Quetta) to accelerate the growth and success of ICT entrepreneurship, achieved through a wide array of business support resources including marketing, technical know-how, trainings, management resources, mentorship, shared information technology services and assistance in obtaining finance/start-up capital to ensure enterprise growth in the province of Balochistan.

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