Entrepreneurial Marketing

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Covers the fundamentals of marketing plans, strategic insights, marketing research, marketing promotions, digital marketing, etc. These subsets of the wide and heavily specialised marketing discipline are curated to serve as the most critical basic skills needed by incubated ventures to undertake marketing campaigns.

About the Course

  • Market Research
  • Marketing, Branding & Sales
  • Digital & Social Media Marketing
Market Research

This segment offers insight about the tools of research methodology to help businesses determine their client perspective. Start-ups will learn to strategically solve market challenges through segmentation and product differentiation. The training is equipped with examples of market research conducted in real time scenarios.

Marketing, Branding & Sales

This segment aims to familiarise businesses with the process of strategic marketing planning in a practical and applied manner. Start-ups will develop an understanding to build an effective sales plan, prioritise customers, create brand awareness and gain traction for their products and services.

Digital & Social Media Marketing

This segment builds on traditional marketing strategies and discusses digital tools and tactics from a brand perspective. It focuses on the topics that are critical in leveraging the power of social media including content, targeting, digital media analytics and influencer marketing.

What You Will Learn

- Fundamentals of marketing and sales planning
- How to assess the impact of consumer behavior, segmentation and targeting in strategising market plans
- Understanding price elasticity and its effectiveness in product pricing
- How to determine marketing objectives and structure a concise marketing plan
- Fundamentals of digital and social media marketing that helps analyse, plan, execute and evaluate digital marketing strategy

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