Entrepreneurial Finance

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Designed to take start-ups through the essential knowledge of entrepreneurial finance and develop an appreciation for how business decisions and economic events affect the financial performance of an organization. To cater to the diversity of each cohort as well as an investor’s standpoint of a venture’s financial projections, the course is divided into two training segments.

About the Course

  • Principles of Accounting & Finance
  • Company Valuation & Financial Planning
Principles of Accounting & Finance

In the first segment, start-ups learn the basic language of finance, financial forecasting and the types of financial challenges that a company may face. The broad topics of training include the concept of time value of money and financial planning techniques; capital budgeting and forecasting; and generating and reading financial statements, balance sheets, income and cash flow.

Company Valuation & Financial Planning

During the second segment, teams practice financial planning of their start-up and cover key topics that include unit economics; company valuation; and fundraising methodology, structure and alternatives. Challenges in a variety of industry settings and stages of venture development are examined both from the entrepreneur’s and investor’s standpoints.

What You Will Learn

- Concepts and terminology related to entrepreneurial financing
- Various financial sources available to different types of entrepreneurial businesses
- How to analyse financial statements and projections to conduct a valuation of their venture
- Structuring terms and conditions between entrepreneurs and external investors
- Exit possibilities for start-up companies

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