NIC Lahore and AYEco – A Voice Controlled Wheelchair

The National Incubation Center Lahore is a firm believer of giving light and resources to the innovative and unique. The team has the insight to recognize ideas that hold the potential to produce magnificence. Such is the case for one of our incubated startups that produced a state of the art and contemporary device specifically for the disabled. On July 5th 2018, AYEco launched the first ever voice controlled smart wheelchair.

Faaiz Arbab, a student in the electrical engineering graduate program at Lahore University of Management Sciences’ (LUMS) incubated at NIC Lahore, urbanized a voice-operated smart wheelchair called GOBEE.

How It Operates?

To add ease and convenience for the paraplegic and quadriplegic, this voice controlled wheelchair can be operated through a mobile phone application. With a ‘Call N Go’ feature, the user can summon the wheelchair from a distance of up to 15 kilometers. This unique piece of technology responds to the vocal stimuli and follows the provided commands. The device has an instilled ability to maneuver its way through all possible obstacles in its path and find its owner without a hiccup.

The Exceedingly Inimitable Features

With a vision and final product in mind, Arbab began the innovative designing of this wheelchair several years ago while still being a student of engineering. Despite his best efforts, Arbab always felt room for improvement and hesitated from submitting this state of the art product to NIC Lahore. However, the idea was revisited by him as a graduate student at LUMS. NIC Lahore homed at LUMS provided Arbab with an environment and support needed to give to a technology that would change the face of wheelchairs. Here are some of its most refined features:


  • Equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi facilities.
  • Remote control operation facility that goes up to 100 feet.
  • Water resistant
  • Anti-rust exterior
  • Anti-sweat seat
  • A powerful dual 3200 RPM motor allowing an inclined drive up to 300
  • Long life battery power with 2 batteries of 18Ah each
  • Drive power up to 40km per charge
  • Charging time as low as 100 minutes
  • Bright LED lights for active maneuvering at night
  • Emergency stop and call button
  • And a battery status bar assimilated on a Joystick module.


Arbab plans to continue refining the design of the wheelchair. He has expressed his intent to eventually equip in the future by equipping it with an IP Camera and Artificial Intelligence technology.

NIC Lahore Launches GoBee on July 5th

The National Incubation Center Lahore provided Arbab and his product with a platform to officially launch GoBee into the market. Hosted at NIC Pakistan’s 1st voice controlled smart wheelchair was presented on July 5th 2018. Several distinguished personalities and noteworthy businesspersons attended the ceremony. This plethora of distinguished members included the likes of Dr khalid Jameel, Almas HaiderRafia Ilyas, Zahra Abbas, Dr Anam Najam, Ilyas Saeed, Shafeeq u Rehman, Dr. Izhar, Aftab Nazir, Shiekh parveiz, Imtiaz, FatimaSaima Ashraf, Ayesha Malik, Syed Faraz jamal, Aman Ullah Riaz, Taqwa, Ali Imran, Mansoor Ahmed Golra, Farhana Ayub, Abbas razi UllahDr Sohail Ahmed, Dr Hassan Tareen Dr Irfan Gull, Amir Naseem and several others.

Faaiz Arbab, has also been acknowledged for his determination, skill and execution by the National Design Awards (NDA) Pakistan. The establishment has designated GoBee for the 2018 Consumer Product Design Award.

Through his company, Ayub Yaqoob Engineering Company (AYECo), Arbab has already begun internal distribution of the product within the Pakistani market. However, he intends to make this product a universal asset once his agreement with International Health Regulations (IHR) of World Health Organization (WHO) reaches completion.

Faaiz Arbab intends to ensure GoBee is evidently exported across countries and we at NIC Lahore wish him the very best of luck.


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