NIC Batch 4

Car Helpline

CarHelpline is Pakistan’s 1st 24/7 Roadside Assistance Platform. It is a platform designed to help people who are stranded in the middle of nowhere to get emergency roadside assistance services immediately.

Mini Tractor

Mini Tractor provides a machine that prepares and binds wheat to produce post-harvest thereby saving time and reducing labor cost. The machines are cost-effective in comparison to what the international market has to offer and comes with 15 attachments increasing innovative usability.

Zero Mika

Zero Mika manufactures biodegradable Sanitary napkins and focuses on countering the use of plastic and other harmful chemicals in the production of mensuration products. The start-up manufactures products that decompose within 216 hours ensuring both female and planetary health.


Philly’s is a cloud kitchen that focuses on home delivering 7 most sought after food items under a singular brand name. They intend only to home deliver thereby reducing overall fixed costs and providing high-quality food items.

Industro Hub

Industro Hub provides automation of the Bobbin Transport System from Simplex to the Ring department. This innovation reduces manual labor, production downtime, bobbin breakage and the yarn quality. The automation further provides an auto doffing solution while significantly bringing down the costs.


Rahnumai works towards making equal and qualitative education accessible for all. It is a portal that allows students to fill in their university applications online without having to travel to far off places. Additionally, it provides students with all required information ranging from fees structure, available scholarships et cetera without physically being present in the institutes.

Hyper Salon

Hyper Salon provides multiple beauty solutions to women under a singular platform by regulating services being provided by different vendors. It is a digital spa and salon service that offers over 50+ amenities in the privacy of one’s home.

Kuch Khaas

Kuch Khaas is aimed at bringing the specialty of every city to one common platform so that users can get access to the most notable and unique items from one place reducing travel hassle.


Brainality is a Virtual Reality based solution for cognitive rehabilitation. The start-up provides Virtual Reality (VR) based therapy systems for several cognitive problems. These therapies offer immersive experiences to patients assessing and proposing customized therapy plans to follow for health improvement.


Adwheels is a 3d Hologram Smart Advertising Technology that introduces new ways of advertising that are cost-effective but digitally based and at par with the international advertising market. They offer 3D videos, billboards, and mobile media.


Sesame is an autonomous sandwich making and vending machine catering to the immediate need of getting a hot and fulfilling meal. The machine provides the user with easy and quick access to fresh, pre-defined or custom-made sandwiches.

Stitch Karao

Stitch karao is a personalized, online service that provides premium quality stitching at minimal costs. Additionally, they reduce the traveling cost by delivering the final product to the doorstep of their customers.


Callvet provides Health Services for birds and animals.


VampWelt is an e-store that sells customized, hand-crafted leather shoes nationally and internationally. It offers customization so its users can order the same design made as many times as they want to ensure the longevity of a single style.

Agricultural Engineering Services Pvt Ltd

AES team is up for Increasing agriculture output through hydroponics installation and consultancy services.


Valuesbig is a B2C portal for thousands of Pakistani exporters to sell items globally. It is an E-commerce marketplace embodying global multi-channel marketing and collective bargaining with shipping companies.

Plus One

Plus One is an iPad based management solution for small and medium scaled stores and restaurants. The management solution allows sales management and provides deeper insights to the owner with respect to inventory and expenses so that owners of the stores can take timely decisions.

Mudeser Ali Fitness Pro

Mudeser Ali Fitness follows the mantra that one should never diet. The founder provides effective diet plans and fitness routines to ensure people can lose fat effectively without resorting to harmful pills.


Fruitistan is a B2B Fresh Produce Supply Chain Platform that saves fresh produce from wastage post-harvest. Furthermore, it reduces the farmer’s dependence on market places to sell their produce at a reasonable price.


UAVinity provides drone-based mapping and surveying with AI-assisted Data Analytics in the industries of construction, mining, energy and many more. This allows easy and cost-efficient ways to collect high-resolution spatial data quickly, which otherwise would take weeks.


Fuel.Ai provides video analytic solutions for gas stations. They provide data and actionable insights about the customers benefitting from specified gas stations through the use of camera sensors and eventually a mobile application.