NIC Batch 3


Advertelligent uses computer vision and AI to optimize conversions and optimize marketing strategy to improve the ROI on marketing/advertising.

Alrrish du ciel

Alrrish Du Ciel is a unique one stop solution for women with specific fashion needs. It is a start-up for women seeking style, comfort and unique alternatives to pre-existing brands.

Apna Furniture provides buyers with Static Reality allowing them to see required furniture product within their space in 3D before buying or physically visiting the furniture store.


Cinch offers an online platform for clients to get required services with specifically skilled professionals in each domain with just a click or a tap through their smartphones.


Cosmic Perspective teaches students astronomy through intensive workshops, screening shows, portable planetariums, astro-tourism activities, and thought provoking merchandise.

Girly Things

Girly Things produces a menstrual kit that includes all the essentials required by women in case of an emergency. The kit is delivered right to the individual herself.

Hybrid 3D

Hybrid 3-Axis is a 3D printer with a CNC machine to fulfill the demands of small-scale industries and rapid prototyping.


Lok Savari offers congenial services to help the tourists access the right person to arrange their trips through tour guides and operators to engage with the locals.


Milkify provides a technology that, with a digital cooling and balancing mechanism ensures milk being transported to homes is kept pure despite the fluctuating weather.


Mountainise is a small Machine Learning cog that fits in any industry to identify their problems and based on that learning, propose a solution.

Parents Ease

Parentsease allows customers to shop and buy all possible insurance packages as a commodity through their online portalts with APIs with IFRS.

Rent Easy

Rent Easy lets people rent idle assets by listing rooms to rent out, increasing options for accommodations by automating small hotels, guest houses through an online portal.

Sabzi Box

Sabzi Box is a platform where individuals can buy fruits and vegetables from any store through an app to receive a pre-prepared package upon arrival.

SE Drop

SE Drop deals with water scarcity in Pakistan. The start-up identifies the increased amount of chemicals in available water and purifies it for consumption.

Send 2 World

Send2World is a business that allows movement of goods internationally and door to door with sufficient ease through efficient use of logistics, and reducion of complications involved in the freight forwarding industry.

Sleepy Turtle

Sleepy turtle is a startup that aims to provide comfortable night wear to men of all ages and different walks of life.


Smart Switch is a smart switch board that secures the home and reduces the electricity bill at the same time, thus, controlling energy consumption.


Soop allows schools to go paperless with an end-to-end digital transformation by bringing all members of academia and respective stakeholders on a singular centralized platform.


Strawhat introduces a smart helmet limiting vehicle operation unless the helmet is worn and by notifying the nearest ambulance and family members in case of an accident.


Taajir is a B2B marketplace and trade platform designed for small and medium businesses in Pakistan bringing traders, wholesalers, retailers, and manufacturers on a single platform.

RC Pakistan

E-Tadbeer sells DIY kits every year with a complete Robotics curriculum of 3 months one can subscribe for annually.

Vector Inks

VectorInks saves time for designers and developers by reutilization of qualitative design elements at affordable prices.