1. Charges have been waived, for first year of launch.
  2. For faculty consultancy projects, machine and technician charges will apply.
  3. For first year of incubation there are no charges for prototypes, However for multiple demo unites technician and consumable charges will apply.
  4. Can be waived through director’s approval in select few cases.
  5. Introductory price for lab’s first year.
  6. A member company can house a resident engineer inside Makers Lab to work from there.

Note: In some cases, members can get training and get technician charges waived. Not all machines have charges, a lot of devices and machines will be available to members for free.

Terms and conditions given here can changes without prior notice.

Membership Benefits

  1. Access to the makers space from 9 am – 6 pm.
  2. Free to use hand and power tools.
  3. Discounts on trainings in Makers Lab.
  4. Free access to embedded systems, dev boards and robotics kits.
  5. Free 3D scanning, plotting and vinyl cutting.
  6. Trained members can operate machines and get technicians charges waived.
  7. Discounts on materials, machine and technicians charges.
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