Khurram Zafar, Executive Director

Khurram Zafar is the Executive Director of National Incubation Center Lahore and Innovation Fellow at Pakistan Innovation Foundation. Previously, he worked as the Chief Information Officer at Lahore Stock Exchange where he was awarded the best private sector CIO of Pakistan by P@SHA. He has also served as one of the founding board members of Plan9, a technology incubator of Punjab Information Technology Board and adjunct faculty for entrepreneurship at Information Technology University.

Previously, he was a visiting faculty member at the Beaconhouse National University’s School of Computer & Information Technology. He has also co-founded two software product start-ups in the Silicon Valley and has been part of the founding team of 2 global IT consulting firms. Khurram has also consulted for Visa, DHL, Sony, AT&T, Agilent, Merrill Lynch, and several other Fortune 500 and venture-funded start-up companies in varying capacities. Khurram is also an angel investor with an interest in the technology and agriculture sector and has been an adviser to several Venture Capital firms in the United States.

Khurram has been published by Prentice Hall. He is also a progressive farmer, an avid investor in North American securities markets, an absentee landlord, a poet, and a proud father of three.

Email: khurram.zafar@lums.edu.pk | LinkedIn: Khurram Zafar | Twitter: @kayzafar



Faisal Jalil Sherjan, Director Operations

Faisal Jalil Sherjan is the Director Operations of National Incubation Center Lahore. Starting out with a Bachelors Degree in Economics, History and English Literature, he is commonly known as media professional with 30 years of experience in Television, Advertising, new media & 3G telephony. He has worked at important positions for jung group, Geo TV network, Interflow Communications and TV Asia UK.

Faisal Sherjan has recently become a full time entrepreneur and is a Co-founder, Mentor and Chief Strategy Officer for various startups including Patari, Bookme.pk, X Gear and Travly. FJS is a key evangelizer for creating high growth businesses that impact our communities. The use of technology is critical to scale and that is the fundamental thesis, FSJ brings to his role as mentor of entrepreneurs stepping up to the challenge of recognizing problems and creating solutions for them.

Email: faisal.sherjan@lums.edu.pk | LinkedIn: Faisal Jalil Sherjan | Twitter: @fsherjan


Osama Jawad (OJ)

Osama Jawad, Manager Administration

Osama is the Manager Administration of National Incubation Center Lahore. He is a graduate from University of WALES institute Cardiff with a Masters Degree in Project Management. He is also a Software Engineer from University of Staffordshire. Previously, he was working as a freelance capacity building consultant with various organisations and institutions.

Osama worked as an Assistant National Director for SOS Children’s Villages Pakistan, where he was responsible for managerial, operational and monitoring functions. Initiatives such as extension of schools in rural areas, upgrading of technical and vocational training center, skill development of children in SOS Youth facilities and organisation development were key milestones under his belt.

Before that, Osama worked for Cardiff University (UK) as the Program Manager for Pakistan and was designated as their Country Representative. Osama was published by University of Wales (MBA ­ Profile for Pakistan) in 2007. During his academic years, he worked part time with the International Office and was also a co­founder of two societies in Cardiff Business School to engage international students in healthy actitives. He also taught at Institute of Management Sciences (PAK Aims) and has been an active member of various youth societies and NGOs including Community Welfare Foundation.

Osama is an adventurer, a photographer, a progressive farmer and a loving son.

Email: osama.jawad@lums.edu.pk | LinkedIn: Osama Jawad | Twitter: @OsamaJawad4



Wajeeha Sabir, Community Manager

Wajeeha Sabir is the Content and Community Manager at National Incubation Center Lahore. She is a graduate from Forman Christian College with a bachelors degree in Computer Science, majored in software engineering, information technology and education. She has worked with GameStorms studios as a E-marketing Executive, and Research and Product Developer with Mace Engineering. She was the president of The Art Junction Society of FCC, and a Microsoft student partner at Microsoft Innovation Center. She has also worked in the capacity of a teacher in different schools and academies, also working on voluntary basis as a teacher at a school for the underprivileged kids.

She has strong leadership qualities, currently working on her own startup ‘ZippyEx’ which is a logistics business based on shared economy. Before joining NIC, she was also working with NIC’s one of the startups ‘Bookcity.pk’ as a co-founder. She have also a keen interest in arts; sketching, painting, and doing arts and craft as a hobby. She is generally a very enthusiastic and energetic person and try to motivate everyone around her with her energy. She also love trying new things!

Email: wajeeha.sabir@lums.edu.pk | LinkedIn: Wajeeha Sabir | Twitter: @wajeehaaaaa


Asma Website

Asma Asif, Marketing Lead

Asma is the Marketing Lead of the National Incubation Center Lahore. She is a graduate from Kinnaird College for Women with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication and Political Science. Previously, she was working as an Account Manager at Latitude Corporate Relationship Solutions, a PR firm based in Lahore, catering to multiple clients from the corporate and consumer sectors.
Asma worked as a publicist for the much celebrated Lahore Literary Festival (2013 – 2014) where she was responsible for the content development, media outreach (both local and foreign), coordination with international and national delegates, creating press packs and facilitating as well as managing print, broadcast and online media during the days of the event. She has also worked in the same capacity for many other brands and organizations such as the Children Literature Festival 2013, CARE Foundation, PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2013, Luscious Cosmetics, TONI&GUY North, Zeniya by Deepak Perwani, Insignia, Tehmina Durrani’s book launch called Happy Things in Sorrow Times and SEFAM group amongst others.

Before that, Asma worked at High Profile Magazine, a fashion and lifestyle based publication as a Research Assistant where she was responsible for content writing, interviewing celebrities, managing and coordinating fashion shoots and assisting in designing the layout of the magazine. During her academic years, not only did she work as an energetic Council Member, arranging and managing various events in the college but also held the office as the Editor of Kinnaird College for Women’s annual magazine called the Last Word. She enjoys developmental and social work and has been an active member of various societies and NGOs including the Citizens Archive of Pakistan, Pink Ribbon Campaign and is also a teaching volunteer at a local school.

Asma is a happy mom, an avid reader, fashion lover and a foodie at heart.

Email: asma.asif@lums.edu.pk | LinkedIn: Asma Asif | Twitter: @AsmaAsif


salwa headshot

Salwa Akhtar, Manager Development Projects

Salwa Akhtar brings with her 6 years of experience of planning, managing and implementing development projects funded by United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Department for International Development (DFID), Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and the United Nations (UN). She has worked on economic growth, rule of law and governance projects across Pakistan.

In her last role as the Strategic Communications Manager on the Peace-building Support Programme in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (programme shortlisted for the 2015 British Expertise Award for Outstanding Achievement in International Development), Salwa developed and implemented the programmes communication strategy and developed communication products for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s model police stations. Previously, she was part of the core team, which launched the USAID Women in Trade initiative in Pakistan. Salwa has also provided consultancy services to UN’s International Labour Organisation (ILO) on migration policy and development.

Salwa graduated with a Master of Science (MSc.) in International Development: Public Policy and Management from the International School of Development and Policy Management (IDPM), University of Manchester, UK.

Apart from work, Salwa is an avid traveller and enjoys outdoor activities, including hiking and horse-riding.

Email: salwa.akhtar@lums.edu.pk | LinkedIn: Salwa Akhtar



Muhammad Jazil, Program Coordinator

Muhammad Jazil is working as a Program Coordinator at National Incubation Center Lahore. Is a graduate from Forman Christian College with a graduate degree in Economics. Also worked as a Business Development Office at Alchemative, and a solution Advisor at ManageWise Pakistan a EdTech company solely purpose to make education institute more efficient and cost effective through one click solution. Also worked at other places like CARE Foundation, DGPR, DGS Lahore. Also conducted voluntary activities for underprivileged communities

Has strong leadership, mentoring qualities, an observant industrious and optimistic in nature. Enthusiastic, energetic and has keen interest in Gaming, Reading, Music, Sketching.

Has also worked as General Secretary for Lucas Economics Society (15-16), and Marketing Head for FORMUN 15, Debating Society, Computer Society. Also worked as a Research Assistant in FC College in Economics.

Email: Muhammad.jazil@lums.edu.pk | LinkedIn: Muhammad Jazil