Makers Lab


Makers Lab is a set of 5 labs, built to create a nurturing environment for innovators. Makers space is laying the foundation for some groundbreaking cultural changes by striving to spawn makers culture in Pakistan. The labs help researchers, students and startups to empathise towards problems and rapidly prototype solutions. Various types of facilities including machining, building electronic circuits, 3D printing, wood and metal power tools are available under one roof to cater to your prototyping needs. Makers Lab is perfect for you, if you are a startup, a hobbyist, a product designer or just someone who likes to surround themselves with likeminded people who have a knack for problem-solving.


Free for members

Access to the makers space from 09:00 am – 06:00pm

Free to use hand and power tools

Discounts on trainings in Makerslab

Free 3D scanning, plotting and vinyl cutting

Trained members can operate machines & get technician charges waived

Free access to embedded systems, dev boards and robotics kits

Discounts on materials, machine and technicians charges

Labs Facilities


The lab caters to all of your machining needs. The Hartford LG-500 CNC machines with FANUC controller has 4+1 Axis capability. With 640*420mm table size and a table load of 300KG, you can save considerable time in machining work for your products. The lab also has CNC Turning center and router available. The lab also provides design and engineering services through qualified technicians.

3D Printing Lab

The lab has multiple printers with FDM & DLP technologies. You can 3D print for multiple sizes, resolutions & materials. The supported materials are PLA, ABS & photopolymer resin etc. Some of the available printers include Craftbot XL, Flash Forge Hunter. The lab also has a 3D scanner like Einscan SP to 3D scan objects.


The lab has complete PCB manufacturing capability including PCB milling and wet etching processes. You can create multi-layer PCBs for your product. The state of the lab will also have pick and placer and BGA placer for assembling PCBs. The lab also has a trained lab technician to help you make PCBs.

Wood Lab

Wood is an amazing and cheap material to learn to make things. The wood lab includes industry grade power tools, thickness planner, table saw, band saw, surface planner etc. The lab also has a carpenter to help you make things.

Metal Lab

The lab has manual lathe, Arc and Tig Welding., grinders, drill presses, pipe benders & various power tools. With bend presses, cutters & slip rollers you can shape metal into any shape and sizes.

Laser cutter, CNC router, multilayer PCB fabrication, pick and placer will be available soon.

For more details contact Arslan Ahmed at arsalan.mirza@lums.edu.pk

For more details about the product development services Call us at 042 35608537

In case of any issue and problem, Contact Wasif Tanveer Khan at wasif.tanveer@lums.edu.pk.