Entrepreneur in Conversation 2.0: Episode 3 with Vijay Tirathrai, Managing Director at Techstars

Watch the 3rd Episode of our "Entrepreneurs in Conversation" session featuring Mr. Vijay Tirathrai, Managing Director at Techstars, as he shares insightful perspectives from his own journey as an entrepreneur and investor. The discussion was skillfully moderated by Mr. Ahmed Hussain, Director at Service Sales Corporation and an esteemed Advisory Board Member of NICL.

Mr. Vijay delves into the essential mindset that founders must cultivate to effectively scale their startups and construct successful teams. He also provides an overview of the diverse ways Techstars offers support to the startups it invests in.

Following the session with Mr. Vijay, an engaging Q&A segment ensued, adding an interactive dimension to the dialogue. The video encapsulates this enriching session, ensuring you don't miss out on valuable insights. Tune in now to gain knowledge that can fuel your entrepreneurial journey!


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