Design Thinking

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An immersive experience that offers the necessary tools to ideate, validate and develop innovative customer-centric designs. It equips start-ups with skills that include user research methods, visual and interaction design skills, methods for evaluating designs, and skills for communicating your designs. This course is a balance between lectures, activities, and projects.

About the Course

  • User Research
  • Ideation/Prototyping
  • Validation
User Research

The first segment of the course aims to build an interactive design foundation for start-ups by introducing techniques of user research and early UI design exploration. After fetching data insights through field research, start-ups learn to analyze and deliver it in personas and designs.


The objective of this segment is to develop conceptual thinking skills about a start-up's audience, and teach iterative prototyping and testing so start-ups can define and evolve concepts into activations. For start-ups working on products, systems, or services, this section refines ideation to help them find a format that works in creative production practice.


At this final stage, start-ups learn techniques to validate their product from the user community. They learn the process to reframe the problem in a human-centric way and create a product or service that is intuitive for the end user.

What You Will Learn

- Techniques of user research and its importance in product design
- Understand design thinking frameworks to develop a viable, desirable and human-centered product
- Understand the value of user experience and user interface in prototyping
- Stakeholder analysis and product testing techniques

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