Strategy and Business Modelling

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Equips start-ups with techniques to deliver effective, scalable and transferable business models. Training includes localized case study method to deliver hands on practical knowledge. Enables start-ups to analyze, think strategically, and make smart business decisions to achieve long-term objectives.

About the Course

  • Business Strategy
  • Data Analytics
Business Strategy

The focus of this section is to develop an understanding of value creation and value capturing through innovation and competitive advantage in businesses. Start-ups learn strategic management tools through Porter’s Five Forces model in a competitive environment, as well as the basics of positioning.

Data Analytics

This segment is an introduction to the concept of data analysis and its role in helping companies understand their customers, evaluating their advertising campaigns, personalising content, and developing content strategies. Start-ups will be introduced to Python and learn how to translate data into insights with an emphasis on visualisations for different audiences, including customers and investors.

What You Will Learn

- Develop critical thinking skills needed to perform external and internal analyses of start-ups and their
competitive environment
- How to turn your idea into a business model prototype
- Understand customer centrality in business models and value propositions
- Develop the ability to build and assess data-based models
- Application of data science concepts to solve problems and communicate solutions effectively

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