Business Communication and Personal Effectiveness

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Provides practical guidance to start-ups in mastering business communications. Learn to build the oral and written communication proficiency required to succeed in a modern, technologically-enhanced environment. This course is a combination of five 'micro focused' modules as the pillar of entrepreneurial training, investor summit and future conversations.

About the Course

  • Networking & Communication
  • Human Resource Management
  • Storytelling
  • Investor Pitching
  • Personal Effectiveness
Networking & Communication

This module covers verbal, non-verbal and digital communication that is fundamental in building skills among start-ups to innovatively and persuasively convey business value, vision and viability to key stakeholders. Crucial and crisis communication helps start-ups learn the techniques to approach conversations they have been avoiding and manage stakeholders during a calamity in business.

Human Resource Management

This module is designed to provide start-ups an understanding of key Human Resource Management functions, employer branding, developing job descriptions, recruitment and selection, compensation, performance evaluation as well as employee training and development.


Learning to tell their story enables start-ups to bring dry facts and figures to life by reframing them as human experience. Coupled with this, the art of storytelling aims to enable them to grasp the skill of convincing investors with an emotionally resonant biography of their brand.

Investor Pitching

During this module start-ups will understand the basics of pitching that will enlighten their knowledge of factors that count in investors' decision making. Businesses get an understanding of how to develop winning investor pitches, who and when to pitch, and how to avoid common mistakes that limit the effectiveness of their pitch.

Personal Effectiveness

Founders will learn how to enhance their negotiation, persuasion and leadership skills. This module teaches techniques to utilize all of the skills, talent, and energy to reach a goal or set of goals in life. The topics of discussion also include personal branding, its frame of reference, and its key feature’s philosophy.

What You Will Learn

- Use of storytelling to craft brand identity
- Learn designing and visual tools to create impactful presentations
- Understanding the methodology to translate value proposition into brand positioning
- Ability to craft an effective pitch deck and elevator pitch for the Investor Summit
- Improving personal effectiveness
- How to make effective communication a dialogue in a virtual/online setting

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