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From cutting-edge technology to high-precision tools, NICL offers everything an entrepreneur needs to create, invent and transform. Explore the spaces where man meets machine to create new possibilities and push the boundaries of innovation.

What You Get

Rapidly prototype parts and products using state-of-the-art equipment,
get help from specialised technicians to bring your solutions to life

Free access for cohort members

Affordable rates for non-NICL users

Design and test software solutions using cutting-edge tech and become part of an innovator community

Innovation Labs

Explore Pakistan’s leading multifunctional prototyping facility. 


  • 4+1 Axis CNC machining center with FANUC controller
  • CNC turning center with FANUC controller
  • CNC Wood Router
  • Co2 Laser Cutting Machine.
  • Multi layer PCB Manufacturing setup with the capability of PTH also called Plated Through Hole.
  • 3D printing on DLP,MSLA and FDM technologies in multiple resolution and sizes.
  • 3D Scanning Facility.
  • New product development & Reverse Engineering services.
  • All basic and advanced wood working and much more
  • Industry-grade metal and wood power tools.
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Harness the potential of immersive technologies for future-ready solutions

Fostering idea generation

Are you a budding entrepreneur with a vision to create your own successful business? Do you dream of transforming your innovative ideas into a tangible reality? Look no further than Entrepreneurship 101 – a comprehensive program designed to guide you through the exciting journey of entrepreneurship.




What is Entrepreneurship 101?

Entrepreneurship 101 is an intensive 4-week hybrid program, with classes both online and in-person (4 classes – every Friday at NICL, LUMS) that embarks you on a transformative journey toward becoming a successful entrepreneur! This program is led by LUMS faculty and has been developed in collaboration with the University of Saarland, Germany, under the EU Erasmus Project. Designed to empower aspiring entrepreneurs, the program equips you with the essential skills, knowledge, and mindset needed to navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities in the entrepreneurial landscape.


Application Criteria:

Our program seeks individuals aged 16 and above with a passion for entrepreneurship and a drive to turn their ideas into successful ventures. We welcome students, graduates, and professionals from diverse backgrounds and consider factors such as motivation, commitment, and the potential for innovation. We seek individuals who demonstrate a strong desire to learn, collaborate, and make a positive impact in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Join us and be part of a vibrant community of aspiring entrepreneurs.


Why Choose Entrepreneurship 101?

  1. From Idea to Business Plan: This program takes you on a transformative journey, starting from idea generation and refining it into a well-structured and viable business plan. Gain the tools and guidance you need to turn your ideas into a successful startup.
  2. Expert Faculty Guidance: Benefit from the wealth of knowledge and expertise of faculty members from both Saarland University and LUMS. Receive personalized feedback, ensuring that your business plan is strategic, innovative, and built on a solid foundation.
  3. Hybrid Learning Experience: Experience the best of both worlds with our hybrid training format. Engage in interactive in-person sessions with the esteemed faculty on Fridays, and access comprehensive online materials at your convenience. This flexibility allows you to learn and grow while accommodating your personal and professional commitments.
  4. Networking and Collaboration: Connect with like-minded individuals, forming valuable relationships and building a supportive network of fellow aspiring entrepreneurs. Collaborate in team projects, exchange ideas, and gain insights from diverse perspectives, fostering an entrepreneurial spirit of innovation and cooperation.
  5. Combined Certification: Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a combined certificate from Saarland University and LUMS. This prestigious certification adds credibility to your entrepreneurial journey, demonstrating your expertise and commitment to future investors, partners, and stakeholders.
  6. Value for Money: We understand the importance of your investment. With a reasonable course fee of Rs 10,000, Entrepreneurship 101 offers exceptional value for money, providing you with access to expert guidance, comprehensive resources, networking opportunities, and a transformative learning experience.


Join us on this exciting adventure and embark on your entrepreneurial path with confidence. Whether you are a student, recent graduate, or a professional looking for a career change, Entrepreneurship 101 is your gateway to success. Seize the opportunity to learn, network, and transform your dreams into reality.


Classes start from 17th of July 2023, so be sure to Apply Now and secure your spot in Entrepreneurship 101. The deadline for applications is 23rd June at 11:59 pm. Take the first step towards shaping your entrepreneurial future today.

Designed by Stanford Graduate School
Seed Spark 2023
The Seed Spark program is developed by Stanford Seed and is led by Stanford Graduate School of Business faculty and seasoned entrepreneurs. The 5-month entrepreneurship program provides startup founders from across South Asia the skills they need to build their business strategy, time-tested toolkits for startup success, and the opportunity to grow their network.
Live online expert sessions are combined with video lectures, one-on-one mentorship opportunities, and peer support groups for a comprehensive learning experience. The program culminates with a pitch competition with a cash prize and participants get the opportunity to present a three-minute pitch about their business.


By participating in the program, you will:

  • Experience a world-class curriculum & the innovative thinking that has shaped some of the most successful companies in Silicon Valley.

  • Get actionable insights and learn practical business tools.

  • Gain fundamental business skills through mentorship support from experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders.

  • Get the opportunity to build cross country connections and gain support from your peers from across the South Asian region

  • Participate online from the convenience of home or office with a schedule designed for busy entrepreneurs.

If you are a revenue generating registered startup, you are eligible to enroll in the Seed Spark Program.

Program Fee: $150

Deadline: 31 May, 2023


Living Indus


The Living Indus - Green Start-Up Youth Champions Award

The Living Indus Startup Grant is a grant opportunity for young Pakistani startups working towards developing environmental protection and climate mitigation solutions. It is part of the United Nations' Living Indus Initiative, which aims to build awareness and create targeted investment in actionable solutions to Pakistan's sustainable development problems, particularly with respect to the triple planetary crisis: climate action, environmental degradation/pollution, and loss of biodiversity.

The grant offers the winner a total of USD $2000 and a guaranteed seat in the incubation program of the nearest National Incubation Center. The initiative aims to engage the youth (16-32 years of age) of Pakistan to apply their creativity in solving some of the most pressing problems for the future of the country.


Download the call-for-application document

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