Q: What does NICL do?
A: We’re a launchpad for disruptive innovation. We provide support for entrepreneurs and start-ups in the form of detailed entrepreneurial training (The Foundry), one-to-one-mentorship, access to investors, and fully equipped co-working spaces and the Makers Lab.


Q: What is the induction process for NICL’s incubation programme (The Foundry)?
A: Start-ups are required to submit their business idea through our online application. Once submitted, the applications are vetted, short interviews are conducted and the shortlisted entrepreneurs are required to pitch their idea to our Foundation Council.


Q: How can I book seats at NICL’s co-working space?
A: If you’re interested in booking a space for your start-up at NICL at LUMS, write to us at; our representative will get in touch with you.


For start-ups and entrepreneurs


Q: My start-up idea is currently at an early stage. Can I still apply to NICL?
A: Early-stage start-ups are always welcome at NICL. We do, however, require that you have a well thought out idea and initial business plan.


Q: I am the sole founder of my start-up. Will NICL still accept my application?
A: NICL accepts applications from both sole founders and a team of co-founders. In either case, we need to be shown that the founder or co-founders can effectively handle the requirements of The Foundry.


Q: I have an idea, now I need investment. Can you help me with that or connect me with investors?
A: Access to investors and/or financial support is given exclusively to start-ups incubated in The Foundry.


Q: Can students apply to NICL’s incubation programme?
A: Students are encouraged to apply. However, please note that incubation at NICL requires an intensive time commitment, so you should check that your class schedule does not clash with the programme or its deliverables requirements.


Q: Is there any payment required to enroll in The Foundry?
A: Enrolling in The Foundry is free of cost, however LUMS does charge 2.5% or 5% equity in the incubated businesses (conditions apply).


For investors


Q: I would like to know more about investment opportunities in start-ups at NICL.
A: If you’re interested in investing in start-ups, kindly write to us at and our representative will get back in touch with you.


Q: How can I participate in NICL’s Investor Summit?
A: Participation in NICL’s Investor Summit is limited to a select few investors. If you’re interested to join, please write to us at


For partnership


Q: What are the partnership modalities with NICL?
A: At NICL, we support the start-up and entrepreneurial ecosystem along with our corporate and academic partners. If you would like to discuss a possible partnership with NICL, please write to

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