Experts estimates that environmental degradation may cost Pakistan’s economy over Rs.365 billion every year- Pakistan ranks in the top 10 victims of climate change, but there is potential to reverse the damage if we solve together.

Rampant deforestation, unmonitored greenhouse gas emissions, and disastrously rising temperatures are just a couple of challenges threatening Pakistan’s ecosystem. Experts estimate that environmental degradation may cost Pakistan’s economy over PKR 365 billion every year of which inadequate water supply, sanitation and hygiene, agricultural soil degradation, indoor pollution, urban air pollution, lead exposure and land degradation and deforestation are major contributors.

Global trends in eco-innovation have led to the dawn of Cleantech– a one-stop solution to the serious challenges of environmental pollution, land degradation as well as scarcity of water, energy and other natural resources. CleanTech is an immaculate blend of technology and environmentally friendly practices and operations that help in reducing negative impact on the environment.

Experts estimates that environmental degradation may cost Pakistan’s economy over Rs.365 billion every year.
NICL emphasizes on environmental conservation, sustainability and renewability.
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We aspire to conjoin and encourage investment in ingenious entrepreneurs, intuitive thinkers, enthusiastic problem solvers, environmental empaths and active change-makers showing great potential.

With NICL’s support, your CleanTech can be a game-changer towards fostering a sustainable future.

Our Focus

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Water conservation and recycling
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Waste management and plastic recycling
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Smart farming and irrigation methods
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Alternative energy generation

Our Start-ups

Explore the ventures in this vertical that have successfully incubated at NICL

  • Green Planet - Cohort 6
    Green Planet - Cohort 6

    Industrial agriculture and adverse climate events in recent history have pushed smallholder farms

  • Waahi - Cohort 9
    Waahi - Cohort 9

    Waahi is a crowdinvesting platform that connects retail investors and farmers, providing quick ac

  • Kheti Barri - Cohort 8

    Creating a supply chain of agricultural implements. 

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