Cohort 7


Locally manufactured healthy and affordable Dog food.


STF – Siqka
STF offers RASHAF is a computer vision and robotics AI Integrated Hardware Solution for industries like surveillance, retail, journalism and medical imaging. Computer Vision can definitely help customers with hardwares like license recognition system, surveillance drones, facial recognition combined with artificial intelligence.


Catering waste in an eco friendly manner and converting it to produce useful and consumable by-products.


Light offers a safe space for young women and girls to learn their rights through art therapy and offers to support this work through the purchase of powerful hand designed apparel from our online marketplace.

Online Reported Found or Lost is an online platform to report your lost and found situations/possessions

To provide packaging solutions to small & medium e-commerce enterprises focusing on sustainable and ecofriendly option.

ShahiRooms is an online budget hotel booking platform

Building a marketplace for businesses


Alif aur Art
An online resource development product for preschool and elementary kids aimed to intergrate urdu learning through arts

Boltay Huroof
Making a software which will translate and emboss braille books for blind.

SKISH is a mobile app that helps students to monetize their skills in educational campuses


Akountmate is an on-demand virtual assistant who specializes in finance and accounting and is always there to help you. You can call Akountmate anytime, anywhere to get your tasks done on the go.


Eco Club Foot
To produce eco friendly (recycled) club foot shoes for Pakistani kids replicating the US model, and bringing it into their range for those who can’t afford an imported one.

Omicron Bionics
A Prosthetic Bionic Hand that will enable amputees to complete their daily life tasks more conveniently making their lives easy.

Internet of Things

Think Connects
A cloud based IoT platform for aggregation and analysis of real-time data to improve productivity, efficiency and quality of business operations.