Secretary of State for International Development attends Business Education event by Ilm2 & British High Commission

The British High Commission organised a networking and exposure event for education businesses at LUMS National Incubation Center (NIC) Lahore marking the completion of their Ilm Ideas 2 project. The event held on February 21st 2019 was attended by Chief Guest, Penny Mordaunt, Secretary of State for International Development in the UK.

The event demonstrated a few of the start-ups from across the country that are actively working on improving the quality or access to education.

Andy Brock, from Cambridge Education, stated,

“I am really delighted to attend this event hosted by NIC Lahore. The facility has been very supportive throughout this project to showcase to the Secretary of State, a whole host of excellent Pakistani businesses and incubators doing a wonderful job improving education.”

About UK Aid

Funded by the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID), UK Aid Direct was established in 2014 as a successor to the Global Poverty Action Fund (GPAF), which was created in 2010. UK Aid Direct is a challenge fund designed to support the UK’s commitments to achieving the Global Goals.

The share of the private sector in the Pakistani education system is around 40% with a higher incidence in cities and about 65% of the market in low cost schools. Ilm2 is actively seeking solutions of all kinds which could find market in this vast low cost sector. It is working with technology companies like Multinet and SABAQ to develop engaging and localized digital content for primary grades. Other projects include support to companies like AZCorp Entertainment and their comic series for children, or Knowledge Platform, a company working on blended learning and assessment models for low cost schools.

lm Ideas II is providing support to twenty-one start-ups through incubators to encourage new private sector start-ups. The majority of them work on quality issues. As a result of IlM2’s interventions, approximately 43,790 children continue to benefit through various programmes and 15,417 children have been enrolled as students for the first time.

About Ilm Ideas 2

Ilm Ideas II (Ilm II) aims to engage players from outside the education sector, primarily the private sector, to develop innovative approaches to improving the quality of education or increasing access to education in Pakistan. It is a four year programme.  Ilm II is a national programme and currently has its footprint in four out of five regions (Gilgit-Baltistan, Punjab, KP, Sindh and in AJK).

About National Incubation Center Lahore

The National Incubation Centre Lahore (NIC Lahore) is a first of its kind Incubation & Acceleration platform, launched under the public – private partnership of the Ministry of Information Technology & Telecom, IGNITE, Fatima Ventures & Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). Additional information may be found at

NIC Lahore Batch 2 – A Recap

On January 10th, the National Incubation Center Lahore hosted the second investor’s summit for the graduating batch. The Summit is committed to making genuine and reliable contributions to the entrepreneurial community. NIC offers the perfect platform for networking as it brings together entrepreneurs and investors within Pakistan. The investors included 43 ventures, Fatima Ventures, Khurram Zafar, Almas Hyder, Usman Sabir, Umer Shah and several others. Each start-up was allowed 3-4 minutes to make their pitch – a fruit of their 4-month long incubation journey with the facility. The pitches included a demonstration of learnt skills, business models and financial ask.

Several raised the interest of the investors present hoping to secure a deal and promise themselves a more profitable future. NIC is a believer of providing opportunities to entrepreneurs and the investor’s summit is perhaps the most sought after event of our program.

30 start-ups were incubated in categories of Health, Education, Energy, Water and Agriculture.

Out of the 30, 15 start-ups graduated and were given the chance to present their pitches to investors.

The 15 start-ups included:

  1. Entertainment Pakistan

  2. Paycard

  3. Big Bytes

  4. MittiGhar

  5. Comic Con Pk.

  6. The Support Group

  7. Roady’s Café



  10. Ilm Rohi

  11. Vceela

  12. AgriMart

  13. TrashMasti

  14. Home Innovation and

  15. RADA Technologies

Design Thinking

The graduation marked the end of a 6-month long journey inclusive of training sessions and one-on-one mentor-ship. Every start-up was given the opportunity to start their journey with a ten-day entrepreneurial development program. Soon after, they attended a 5-day workshop with the internationally acclaimed Shahid Khan and his design thinking workshop.

Industry Tour

The start-ups were also given a chance to visit the industry and learn from entrepreneurs in the business world, first hand. During the 3-day industry tour they interacted with and sat in sessions conducted by names like Daftarkhuwan, Fatima Ventures, Shakarganj and others.


Apart from the above events, the start-ups were regularly exposed to international and local mentors who provided them insight into the many facets of the entrepreneurial world so they may be equipped to step out. They attended sessions with lawyers, marketers, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, social media experts, website designers, investors and financial leads so that the start-ups may understand the many branches of their business and cater to them all, effectively.

What we Stand For

NIC Lahore believes in ensuring that the very best deal is provided to the start-ups. To ensure a decent impression is made, the 6-month long journey was tiresome indeed but productive for those who served the purpose well, invested their energies and were dedicated to ensure they meet the prerequisites set by the facility. Whether it was a 5-year plan or the drafting of an investment brief, the highly acclaimed trainers of NIC Lahore equipped all the start-ups to the best of their abilities before they were given the floor to make their pitches to potential investors.

NIC Lahore believes in providing opportunities to the start-ups to the best of its abilities. The investor’s summit marks the end of a start-up journey and commences the start of a business venture. We wish to continue serving the entrepreneurial community by incubating and producing more deserving entrepreneurs with revolutionary business ideas.

Tech Leadership Summit 2019 to kick off on 10th January with speakers from Forbes, Amazon, HP and Microsoft

Tech Leadership Summit 2019, presented by OPEN Lahore, TechTalk, and CareAxiom will take place on January 10, 2019.

The invite-only event will feature a number of reputable speakers from Amazon, Microsoft, TechJuice, and Forbes.

New technologies and startups are emerging every day. From blockchain to Virtual Reality, Internet of Things to Artificial Intelligence, new technologies are changing every aspect of our lives every single day. With more and more people moving towards a digital and connected future, it is important to identify the role of technology in our lives and have a meaningful discussion over where the future is heading towards.

And who is better suited to talk about the future than the representatives from the companies who are actively striving to bring it to fruition?

That’s why OPEN Lahore, Tech Talk, and CareAxiom have joined hand to invite speakers from Amazon, Microsoft, TechJuice, and Forbes to talk about future technologies and their impact on our lives.

Tech Leadership Summit 2019, which will be held on 10th January, will feature notable industry leaders such as Salman Akhtar, President OPEN Lahore, Fahad Aziz, Contributor at Forbes, Rizwan Malik, Senior Product Manager at Amazon, Fatima Rizwan, CEO of TechJuice, Iram Nawaz, HP/Microsoft Representative, and Muneeb Khawaja, VP CareMerge.

The tentative schedule for the event is:

  • 9:30 AM – Welcome

  • 9:45 AM – Introduction to OPEN Lahore: Salman Akhtar (President, OPEN Lahore)

  • 10:00 AM – The Exponential Thinking & Future of Technologies: Fahad Aziz (Forbes)

  • 10:45 AM – Fireside Chat with Rizwan Malik (Sr. Product Manager, Amazon)

  • 11:30 AM – BREAK

  • 12:00 PM – Components of a true cloud-based application. Muneeb Khawaja

  • 12:15 PM – Faster Innovation, Faster Releases: Continuous Integration: Furqan Razzaq

  • 12:30 PM – Building a Testing Framework for Cloud apps: Mudassir Ali

  • 12:45 PM – 10 Ways To Market Your Products Free Of Cost, by Fatima Rizwan (Founder TechJuice)

  • 1:15 PM – Evolving Role of Technology Leaders: Iram Nawaz (HP/Microsoft)

  • 2:00 PM – Closing Remarks

The event will be held at the National Incubation Center (NIC) located inside Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) and it is invite only. You can follow this link to submit an application to get an invite.


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The Urban Youth Project Award Ceremony

On November 12th, 2018; the National Incubation Center (NIC LUMS) alongside British Asian Trust (BAT) and Citi Foundation hosted the award and cheque distribution ceremony to mark the pilot of the Urban Youth Project.

Out of the 60 trained micro-entrepreneurs under this project, 13 were invited to the NIC facility to be given cheques ranging between 100,000 to 200,000. These micro-entrepreneurs included:

  1. Muhammad Faisal and his electricity store.
  2. Rabia Ashiq and her school.
  3. Shagufta Parveen and her academy.
  4. Salma Gilani and her academy.
  5. Muhammad Waqas and his mobile store.
  6. Shazia Zafeer and her school.
  7. Fatima Tabassum and her medical lab.
  8. Shahista Waheed and her school.
  9. Sidra Shehzadi and her beauty salon.
  10. Aneela Jaffer and her store.
  11. Hafiz Mudassar and his fast food chain.
  12. Huzan Arshad and his academy.
  13. Sheheryar Manzoor and his cosmetics and jewelry store.

The event was conducted at the National Incubation Center’s auditorium with more than a 100 guests from various institutes present to honor and commemorate the efforts of the young micro-entrepreneurs.

Sayed Zulfiqar Bukhari; Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development was present as the Chief Guest.

Director NIC, Faisal Sherjan addressed the audience and the media informing them of the inspiring and overwhelming experience of working with the micro-entrepreneurs. LUMS Vice Chancellor, Dr. Arshad spoke of the importance of empowering the youth; followed by a brief documentary that provided insight into the journey of these young minds.

Sayed Zulfiqar Bukhari, in his concluding remarks highlighted that through projects like UYP, LUMS NIC has contributed a great deal to ameliorating the circumstances of the youth and serving the bottom of the pyramid communities and that is bound to have lasting impact on the future of the country. He further, commented, “It is heartening to see the high results this group of entrepreneurs has delivered given the right mentorship and opportunity. I hope the British Asian Trust, Citi Foundation and NIC Lahore continue investing in Pakistan’s youth so they can fulfil their potential.”

The evening ended with dummy cheques being presented to the recipients as each recalled their excursion and shared anecdotes on how NIC contributed to their development.

It was an inspiring sight to behold as their hard work paid off in the form of an investment that allows the growth of not just their business but their self-worth and financial standing as well.

The National Incubation Center stands firm on the belief that those with a potential must be mentored to entrepreneurial heights. It recognizes dedication, conviction and the motivation the youth possesses and often struggles when looking for opportunities and platforms that would identify that eagerness and willingness to grow.

The Urban Youth Project is merely a stepping stone in the right direction to enable the youth for a brighter and more stable tomorrow.


Startup weekend 2018 – Sign up Now!

One of the most prodigious startup competitions of Pakistan is back! This time around it’s even bigger and better than before. Fifty-four hours of intense competition, coupled with an unparalleled entrepreneurial learning experience, await you at Startup weekend 2018.

The event would be held at NIC Lahore, from 16th to 18th November 2018.

Techstars Global Startup weekend, powered by the tech-giant Google, is an internationally recognized competition that offers a platform to the budding entrepreneurs to present their creative ideas, hone their entrepreneurial skills, and execute their plans.

National incubation center (NIC) opens the doors to the vast entrepreneurial world. Participants are given the opportunity to interact with the renowned and adept entrepreneurs of the industry, and subsequently augmenting their team-building and networking skills.

Wining team is honored with a chance to convert its ideas to reality through a fast track incubation at NIC itself!


Being a 3-day event, startup weekend’s first day would kickoff with the participants checking in, followed by an opening ceremony where guests and speakers would reminisce their past experiences regarding the event.

After that, participants would pitch an idea in 60 seconds, and through voting, 20 to 30 ideas would be qualified for the remaining rounds. Day 1 would come to an end with a scrumptious dinner.

Day 2

On the second day, the remaining participants, now in teams, would be exposed to rigorous counselling and mentoring sessions with acclaimed entrepreneurs and coaches.

This would entail an unprecedented experience of building effective and coherent business models under their guidance.

Day 3

On the third and final day, the participants would present their business models in front of a panel of reputable judges, followed by a critical Q&A session. The third day would finish with the dinner and a closing ceremony where the names of the winners would be disclosed. NIC would award the winners with an incubation opportunity at its highly-specialized and capacious, internationally recognized, entrepreneurial facility.

Besides the incubation opportunity, Startup weekend offers a plethora of benefits to the participants. Through networking, they would be interacting with the brightest minds of the entrepreneurial milieu. Being an internationally-recognized prestigious event, Startup weekend allows its participants to compete with the contenders from other startup weekends around the globe.

Some of the judges and coaches from past events include notable names like Zafar Khan (CEO Sofizar), Shayan Zaeem (Co-founder Caramel Tech Studio), Sajjad Kirmani (CEO Infogistics), Tosheeba Sarwar (Founder Management Outfit), and Amena Hasan (CEO Business for Social Progress), Faisal Sherjan (Director National Incubation Center, Lahore), Huamyun Mazhar (Founder, Chairman, CEO CresVentures) etc.

The venue for the event is NIC Lahore. The National Incubation Center Lahore (NIC Lahore) is a first of its kind Incubation & Acceleration platform, launched under the public – private partnership of Ministry of Information Technology & Telecom, IGNITE, Fatima Ventures & Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS).

It provides state of the art facility established to nurture startups during their early phases whereby they provide affordable space, shared office spaces and included services, hands-on management training, marketing support and, often, access to financing.

The registrations for the event is open and the entire registration process can be accessed online.

To register:

Facebook link:


5 Things you learn at a Design Thinking Workshop

Design Thinking is a revolutionary process that has taken over the business world. It allows creative solutions to complex problems, allows collaborative innovation and ensures the results are humane. To instill all of the above and more in our incubated startups, NIC has organized a 5 day design thinking workshop for the entrepreneurs.

Here are 5 things you can expect to learn at a design thinking workshop:

  1. Prepare for the Unknown!

During a design thinking workshop, your learning is more hands-on thus reducing reliance on gadgets. It is an experiential learning environment that allows and enables more hands-on work that moves at a quicker than usual pace. Therefore, be prepared to be taken by surprise because this is a learning process that will provide profound insights within a short span. The unexpected is a vital element in such a workshop because to break the mold, the entrepreneurs need to be taught how to unlearn and learn through a design thinkers mind.

  1. Take Steps Collectively

Though in the grand scheme of things, the 5 day workshop teaches design thinking but there are several more minute aspects that go with it. More than anything else a driven and passionate entrepreneur learns about their team members allowing empathy. Empathy is key in enabling the creative side of the brain. This understanding is pivotal in pushing ingenious boundaries that are invigorating and overwhelming all the same.

  1. Breaking the Mold

In order to learn something new one must always unlearn a facet of the old. Such a workshop provides a refined culture for the attendees. Thus, it allows them to be more confident in their own creativity and allows them to break the mold they believe they need to fit into otherwise. It teaches listening, analysis, synthesis, testing, resolution and a plethora of other useful skills that work as enabling forces in the future of the entrepreneur. However, as the mold breaks don’t be overwhelmed by the ambiguity of the learning process.

  1. Be Open to the Likelihood of failure

The whole idea behind a successful business it to make the user feel they need the product as opposed to vice versa. This is why it is often difficult for entrepreneurs to welcome and realize that the possibility of failure is high. The product is designed on the basis of user needs that are often undiscovered; even by themselves. A design thinking workshop welcomes failure as a learning curve. It makes the entrepreneurs less afraid to fail and more likely to come up with effective solutions.

  1. Prepare to face the Music

It is very important to challenge ourselves as we step into the professional world. A design thinking workshop will challenge you to understand the process itself. So be prepared to face the music and learn, to welcome challenges and be in the moment of not knowing the solution to something only to figure out the most creative way to do it.

NIC understands the significance and relevance of equipping its startups to the very brim. So if you’ve had the opportunity to be incubated with NIC, don’t miss out on the chance to attend Shahid Khan’s 5 day design thinking workshop in September.

NIC Lahore and AYEco – A Voice Controlled Wheelchair

The National Incubation Center Lahore is a firm believer of giving light and resources to the innovative and unique. The team has the insight to recognize ideas that hold the potential to produce magnificence. Such is the case for one of our incubated startups that produced a state of the art and contemporary device specifically for the disabled. On July 5th 2018, AYEco launched the first ever voice controlled smart wheelchair.

Faaiz Arbab, a student in the electrical engineering graduate program at Lahore University of Management Sciences’ (LUMS) incubated at NIC Lahore, urbanized a voice-operated smart wheelchair called GOBEE.

How It Operates?

To add ease and convenience for the paraplegic and quadriplegic, this voice controlled wheelchair can be operated through a mobile phone application. With a ‘Call N Go’ feature, the user can summon the wheelchair from a distance of up to 15 kilometers. This unique piece of technology responds to the vocal stimuli and follows the provided commands. The device has an instilled ability to maneuver its way through all possible obstacles in its path and find its owner without a hiccup.

The Exceedingly Inimitable Features

With a vision and final product in mind, Arbab began the innovative designing of this wheelchair several years ago while still being a student of engineering. Despite his best efforts, Arbab always felt room for improvement and hesitated from submitting this state of the art product to NIC Lahore. However, the idea was revisited by him as a graduate student at LUMS. NIC Lahore homed at LUMS provided Arbab with an environment and support needed to give to a technology that would change the face of wheelchairs. Here are some of its most refined features:


  • Equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi facilities.
  • Remote control operation facility that goes up to 100 feet.
  • Water resistant
  • Anti-rust exterior
  • Anti-sweat seat
  • A powerful dual 3200 RPM motor allowing an inclined drive up to 300
  • Long life battery power with 2 batteries of 18Ah each
  • Drive power up to 40km per charge
  • Charging time as low as 100 minutes
  • Bright LED lights for active maneuvering at night
  • Emergency stop and call button
  • And a battery status bar assimilated on a Joystick module.


Arbab plans to continue refining the design of the wheelchair. He has expressed his intent to eventually equip in the future by equipping it with an IP Camera and Artificial Intelligence technology.

NIC Lahore Launches GoBee on July 5th

The National Incubation Center Lahore provided Arbab and his product with a platform to officially launch GoBee into the market. Hosted at NIC Pakistan’s 1st voice controlled smart wheelchair was presented on July 5th 2018. Several distinguished personalities and noteworthy businesspersons attended the ceremony. This plethora of distinguished members included the likes of Dr khalid Jameel, Almas HaiderRafia Ilyas, Zahra Abbas, Dr Anam Najam, Ilyas Saeed, Shafeeq u Rehman, Dr. Izhar, Aftab Nazir, Shiekh parveiz, Imtiaz, FatimaSaima Ashraf, Ayesha Malik, Syed Faraz jamal, Aman Ullah Riaz, Taqwa, Ali Imran, Mansoor Ahmed Golra, Farhana Ayub, Abbas razi UllahDr Sohail Ahmed, Dr Hassan Tareen Dr Irfan Gull, Amir Naseem and several others.

Faaiz Arbab, has also been acknowledged for his determination, skill and execution by the National Design Awards (NDA) Pakistan. The establishment has designated GoBee for the 2018 Consumer Product Design Award.

Through his company, Ayub Yaqoob Engineering Company (AYECo), Arbab has already begun internal distribution of the product within the Pakistani market. However, he intends to make this product a universal asset once his agreement with International Health Regulations (IHR) of World Health Organization (WHO) reaches completion.

Faaiz Arbab intends to ensure GoBee is evidently exported across countries and we at NIC Lahore wish him the very best of luck.

Talk: From Founding to Funding – A YotaScale Story

abbas yousafzai public event


A successful cloud systems management company is coming to share its journey from founding to raising funds at LUMS. This is a rare opportunity for you to learn how to grow a company and tips & tricks of raising funds.

YotaScale is applying machine learning and data science to cloud systems management. The platform helps companies reduce costs while optimizing performance for their cloud infrastructure deployments. YotaScale has raised a seed round from key investors including former Foundation Capital partner and VMWare executive Ashmeet Sidana, former VP Engineering at VMWare and Director at Facebook Jocelyn Goldfein and former CEO Oracle On Demand and Stanford Cloud Computing professor Timothy Chou. YotaScale was recently profiled in an exclusive in the Wall Street Journal.

About Abbas Yousafzai:

Abbas Yousafzai is the co-founder and CTO of YotaScale. Prior to YotaScale, Abbas was the CEO and Chief Architect at Conrad Labs where he helped numerous startups scale their businesses and engineering teams resulting in several acquisitions in the cloud and software security space.

About Asim Razzaq:

Asim Razzaq is co-founder and CEO of YotaScale. Prior to YotaScale, Asim was Senior Director of Engineering at PayPal and eBay where he ran the cloud infrastructure and helped build the PayPal Developer Platform from zero to a billion dollars in payments volume. He has lead engineering for multiple early and late stage startups in Silicon Valley and Austin with two of the companies exiting to Netsuite and Navitaire.

Sign up for the talk using this form till Monday August 22, 2016.

Event Date: Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Event Time: 4:00pm

Event venue: LUMS (specific venue will be shared in the confirmation email)


LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship Turns One

LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship Turns One



LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship, the flagship experiential development platform of LUMS, has turned one year old.

An exclusive ceremony was held at LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship (LCE) where the center alumni and current startups, leading entrepreneurs, successful businessmen, LUMS management and faculty joined the LCE management team to honor the achievements of the Center and to appreciate the astounding efforts made by its startups, who are working tirelessly to uplift the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the country.

Since LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship began its operations, it has mentored and groomed over 80 entrepreneurs and the startup businesses have created a total of over 120 direct and 350+ indirect jobs. The combined annualized revenues of the startups based on last month’s figures is approaching $250,000. These startups have also raised nearly $600,000 in investment from local and foreign investors. Moreover, the combined valuation of the businesses at which these startups have raised money at, or have had investor term sheets offered, is over $5 Million.

Talking about the past 12 months since inception, Khurram Zafar, Executive Director LCE said, “It has been an amazing ride! The incredible success our startups have enjoyed is a testament to the amazing talent and entrepreneurial passion of our country’s youth. By August, the center would have contributed over 28 high-growth potential businesses to the Pakistani economy. Hopefully many will keep growing and create additional jobs and wealth creation opportunities for its founders, employees and investors while solving real, local problems.”

During the ceremony, Maaz Kamal, Founder and CEO Interacta, an LCE alumnus from the first batch announced that Interacta has secured $220K seed funding from a local investor. This news was welcomed with a jubilant applause. Interacta is the third startup from LCE to have secured funding.

Addressing the guests, Vice Chancellor of LUMS, Dr. Sohail Naqvi said, “About a year ago, we jumped into the unknown and launched LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship. It was a true entrepreneurial venture. We were passionate but a little scared of how it will roll out. Today, it’s suffice to say that LCE is a phenomenal success. My heartiest congratulations to the management of the center and all our well-wishers for their support and encouragement.”

The third and current cohort of startups at LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship consists of 16 startups, more than double the size of the previous cohorts and is scheduled to graduate in August.

Graduation Dinner for Batch Two of The Foundation

Graduation Dinner for Batch Two of The Foundation



Graduation/farewell dinner for batch 2 took place on the 8thApril, 2015 at the Executive Dining Hall, LUMS. It was a special night to mark the achievements of the startups and say farewell to all. CEO’s of batch one were also among the invites as The Foundation alumni. Jewelry Design Pro,, Fictive Lab, Food Hub and Grab Deals were all present at the ceremony however, H&O Services and Papercut could not make it to the graduation dinner. Khurram Zafar, Executive Director LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship, Zartash Afzal Uzmi from LUMS faculty, Abid Malik, Managing Partner RVC Group and management of LCE were among the hosts.

During the dinner lively conversations were exchanged. After the dessert was served, the progress of all startups, both batch one and two, were discussed.

Jewelry Design Pro, a team of four, is fully functional and is generating revenue already. Their recent achievement is a visit to Pakistan Institute of Fashion & Design where they presented their business model and were highly appreciated by the Dean of the institution.

Another successful startup AutoGenie, which is also a four people team, has generated revenue of more than five lac rupees, providing around 300 jobs. Recently they’ve signed a deal with ZIC motor oils.

A five people company, Fictive Lab, is also generating revenue. Moreover their Wi-Fi enabled touch switch plate is a hit product.

Fastest food delivery service provider, Food Hub, has managed its way into not just getting 50 customers on board but is also in negotiations with two UK based investors and finalizing the terms of agreement.

A squad of seven, Grab Deals, working out of Faisalabad have managed to list 20 businesses on their portal and are near to their launch date.

From batch one, BizClout and Maro Tandoors are two examples of successful startups and are performing really well. BizClout has 100 to 200 customers using their e-commerce enablement product. According to their CEO Sheraz Saeedy, they get approximately 40 to 50 orders a month. Whereas Ali, the CEO of Maro Tandoors was excited as he told about the revenue from their one tandoor, which is in millions. They have hired eight workers and are offering 18 flavors of naan. Ali was also extremely pleased to mention that his work and achievements have been personally appreciated by Syed Babar Ali.

Abid Malik, Khurram Zafar, and Zartash Uzmi each gave a word of advice to the startups, congratulated them and wished them all the luck for their future.

The ceremony finally came to an end with the distribution of graduation certificates, mugs as souvenirs and a happy group picture.