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From prototyping jet engine parts to artificial limbs, our cohorts get access to the machines and technical expertise required to turn ideas into reality.
Co-working and Plug-n-Play facilities ensure every founder gets space to work and grow.
Interacting with other founders helps start-ups learn from a shared experience, and also find solutions with the help of others.

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Meet the latest cohort of entrepreneurial leaders, or explore the trailblazers before them. Select by vertical or cohort below.

Testing Twig
Other, Cohort 10
Cohort 10 - Madox Creatives

We create all kind of creatives which includes video ads, reel videos, graphics and animated content for international clients.

Malik Ali Haider
Transport and Logistics, Cohort 10
Cohort 10 - Garrari

Garrari is an online application based ecosystem comprising of 100+ services related to the automobile sector of Pakistan, our aim is to engage audience through multiple tailoured offerings best suited for different niches of customers.

Raja Abdul Basit Saroop
Media/ entertainment, Cohort 10
Cohort 10 - ClebNet

ClebNet currently aims to connect artists from the film production industry with entities who would be interested in employing their services such as for an ad or endorsement. It's like fiverr / upwork but for creatives.

Ibraheem Qadir
Edtech, Cohort 10
Cohort 10 - Chotay Ustaad

Chotay Ustaad is a bilingual, interdisciplinary digital learning & teaching tool for early years education.

Rukhsar Fatima
E-Commerce, Cohort 10
Cohort 10 - Karobar Technologies

An integrated stack based platform which will help buyers and sellers to tap supply and demand shortages and create value proposition for retail outlets at large.

Muhammad Junaid Ilyas
AI & ML, Cohort 10
Cohort 10 - Embroid.AI

We provide a new method to generate embroidery files via inputting any image with the help of AI techniques. It provides custom designs to be embroidered. Anyone can create embroidery files without having prior knowledge.

Bushra Solangi
Blockchain, Cohort 10
Cohort 10 - Genesis Technologies

Genesis Technologies provides the following services: - Hidden network which is further divided into multiple branches known as Onion, I2P and Freenet for company looking for complete anonymity and privacy. - DApps built on crypto network targeting organization that believe in decentralization and crypto currency future. - Metaverse, a next generation reality focusing companies who want to extend their business in virtual environment.

Abdul Mannan
E-Commerce, Cohort 10
Cohort 10 - Godaam

An online B2B Marketplace that connects wholesalers/manufactureres to retailers. The product aims at simplifying Pakistan's supply chain issues.

Qimra Hameed
Healthtech, Cohort 10
Cohort 10 - HomeoCure
A digital platform where homeo practitioner and patients connect, initally in Pakistan. We also plan to launch our own homeo- medicines.
Sharha Mumtaz
Healthtech, Cohort 10
Cohort 10 - Ittehaad

ITTEHAAD is a mutual aid platform, offering up to 1 million PKR cancer hospitalization cover for 5 of the top cancers against a small commitment of RS 20/month/member.

Tabbassam Habib
Other, Cohort 10
Cohort 10 - LoveYourCar

An integrated application that provides extensive automotive support services. It connects customers to the mechanics/car washers for pre-booking of the offered services to ensure the availability of facilities and to reduce waiting time.

Ayesha Iqbal Janjua
E-Commerce, Cohort 10
Cohort 10 - Meatman

Meat Man is a dedicated e-commerce meat platform for all kinds of red and white halal meat.

Qasim Sohail
Healthtech, Cohort 10
Cohort 10 - Mentree

Connecting South Asian millennials with South Asian mental health practitioners.

Mahila Hassan
Cleantech, Cohort 10
Cohort 10 - NeuAmp

A Swappable battery based Electric Charging Station and its network infrastructure development across Pakistan and playing a vital role in boosting the development of Electric Vehicles in Pakistan.

Naveed Arshad
Media/ entertainment, Cohort 10
Cohort 10 - PMship

A real time role playing Mobile game that encompasses Pakistani politics and in turn creates a simulation for every user to be the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

AI & ML, Cohort 10
Cohort 10 - RocketHire

Tech based recruitment and upskilling company to hire software engineering talent.

Cleantech, Cohort 10
Cohort 10 - ScrapShope

A digital platform to sell scrap or recycleable waste.

Muhammad Awais
Edtech, Cohort 10
Cohort 10 - Skill2Success

21st Century skill development EdTech platform to provide trainings in emerging technologies and digital skills.

Syed Ali Nauman Gilani
Textile, Fashion and Clothing, Cohort 10
Cohort 10 - Smart Self Defense Against Assail

SSDAA is a smart defence device mechanism protecting women against physical harassers.

Armeen Hassan
AI & ML, Cohort 10
Cohort 10 - SmartEye

Electricity power saving solution with CCTV using AI and IoT. It detect the head count and turns off the electricity appliance when head count is zero.

Fawad Hassan
AI & ML, Cohort 10
Cohort 10 - The Vision AI

AI assisted realtime bidirectional classified count of products and theft predicition.

Muhammad Ahmad Raza
Fintech, Cohort 9
Cohort 9 - Aamdani

Aamdani aims to disrupt the 30 days pay-cycle in Pakistan by giving employees on-demand access to their earned wages to financially empowering them.

Fintech, Cohort 9
Cohort 9 - Cashmail

Cashmail (Pvt.) Limited provides a single online platform which connect borrowers to microfinance industry.

Muhammad Qasim
Textile, Fashion and Clothing, Cohort 9
Cohort 9 - Darzicut

Darzicut is one window solution for customized clothing, fulfilment and fashion related recommendations.

Zaid Abdullah
Transport and Logistics, Cohort 9
Cohort 9 - Ebilty

Connecting transporters with shippers on an end to end basis with multiple bidding and negotiation systems and insurance on clicks

Hassan Ali
Cleantech, Cohort 9
Cohort 9 - Gamma Green Recycle

Gamma Green Recycles is a FinTech startup with an aim to provide the customer an ease of converting their recycleable trash into e-cash and then redeeming it to buy grocery through mobile app.The main focus is on reducing the human footprint caused by excessive waste generation & single use plastic.

Anas Aslam
Other, Cohort 9
Cohort 9 - Janwar Mandi

Janwar Mandi Classified is the only techplatform in pakistan providing solutions to all the problems in livestock and cattle industry which includes animal sale/purchase, on farm veterinary services, certification service for unprofessional buyers & advertisment feature for allied industries.

Omar Mahmood
Food, Cohort 9
Cohort 9 - Kitchen Collabs

Kitchen Collabs offers fastest penetration in the market for food entrepreneurs with a fully equipped, tech-enabled, shared space to start/expand their business, with minimum cost and least risk.

Amina Rasool
Other, Cohort 9
Cohort 9 - Printmeall

A digital print and design platform maintaining quality standards and increasing skilled labor by doing trade globally.

Taha NajeebUllah
Other, Cohort 9
Cohort 9 - Raftar technologies

Raftar provides an e-marketplace to parents where they can find the best commute for their child on a subscription based model.

Ali Hamza Sameer
Edtech, Cohort 9
Cohort 9 - Roshini

Creating professional learning communities through affordable, personalized and time-efficient development for school teachers

Hadia Shaukat
Healthtech, Cohort 9
Cohort 9 - Safe Space

Aamdani aims to disrupt the 30 days pay-cycle in Pakistan by giving employees on-demand access to their earned wages to financially empowering them.

Areeb Ahmed Arif
Healthtech, Cohort 9
Cohort 9 - SAY Global

SAY Global is helping solve speech impediment and mental health issues in society, by breaking stigma, providing access to treatment and creating support communities

Ahmad Abdullah
Other, Cohort 9
Cohort 9 - Trendy Pakistan

Trendy Pakistan is an innovative e-commerce platform providing access to customized fashion and home products to local and international buyers

Muhammad Ajmal Hussain
Agritech, Cohort 9
Cohort 9 - Waahi

Waahi is a crowdinvesting platform that connects retail investors and farmers, providing quick accessible financing for farmers and agricultural investment opportunities for the public.

Danial Khalid
Other, Cohort 9
Cohort 9 - Wholly Ranch

Wholly Ranch brings a new experience of buying animals virtually, at the comfort of one’s home. It is an online marketplace for animal buying on Eid for meeting the sacrificial needs of people.

Umar Rafaqat
Fintech, Cohort 9
Cohort 9 - Zarai Zambeel

Zarai Zambeel will connect banks and farmers by digitising farmers’s financial records and giving them credit scores and thus making them a lower risk investment for the banks and other finanicial instituitions.

Mohsin Aziz Syed
Consultancy, Cohort 8
Cohort 8 - Cluent Corp.

An online marketplace to facilitate business collaborations

Sheena Mansoor
Healthtech, Cohort 8
Cohort 8 - Dawa Asaan

Pakistan's first smart pharmacy, providing pre-sorted and pre-packed medicines for chronic illness patients on a monthly subscription basis.

Hamza Sheikh
Consultancy, Cohort 8
Cohort 8 - Glück

Fundraising consultant agency for non profits around the globe

Hassan Mustafa
Textile, Fashion and Clothing, Cohort 8
Cohort 8 - Hamza Yaseen

A lifestyle designer label using art and design aesthetics to offer another perspective, another experience, another chance.

Hamza Yaseen
E-Commerce, Cohort 8
Cohort 8 - Heirloom

Specialists in artisanal, sustainable, and responsibly produced goods with elevated aesthetics

Jawad Ali Shah
Media/ entertainment, Cohort 8
Cohort 8 - Kalakar

An online platform aiming to connect performing artists to their audiences

Mian Ahmad Farooq
Agritech, Cohort 8
Cohort 8 - Kheti Barri

Creating a supply chain of agricultural implements

Edtech, Cohort 8
Cohort 8 - Loading Champions

A complete learning, coaching and recruitment solution

Usman Ijaz
Transport and Logistics, Cohort 8
Cohort 8 - PaceX

On-demand storage and transportation marketplace

Khizr Iqbal
Fintech, Cohort 8
Cohort 8 - Peervest

A digital equity-based crowdfunding platform that connects tech-enabled startups with eligible investors to provide funding and networking opportunities

Fizza Nadeem Siddiqui
Transport and Logistics, Cohort 8
Cohort 8 - ProcAgency

An e-procurement marketplace that will help companies in carrying out their procurement tasks more efficiently and will provide transparency.

Muhammad Ibrahim Shah
Biotech, Cohort 8
Cohort 8 - Qbio

Establishing Pakistan’s leading enzyme biotechnology company

Salman Saeed
AR & VR, Cohort 8
Cohort 8 - SlickFIT

An open-world game built purely for Augmented Reality headsets that combines traditional virtual game elements with the real-world that encourages a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle through movement, travel and exploration in real-life.

Syed Hasan Sajid
Healthtech, Cohort 8
Cohort 8 - TB AI

Tuberculosis diagnostic software that works on an AI algorithm

Hira Farid
Fintech, Cohort 7
Cohort 7 - Akountmate

Akountmate is an on-demand virtual assistant who specializes in finance and accounting and is always there to help you. You can call Akountmate anytime, anywhere to get your tasks done on the go.

Edtech, Cohort 7
Cohort 7 - Alif aur Art

An online resource development product for preschool and elementary kids aimed to intergrate urdu learning through arts

Edtech, Cohort 7
Cohort 7 - Boltay Huroof

Making a software which will translate and emboss braille books for blind.

E-Commerce, Cohort 7
Cohort 7 - Eco Club Foot

To produce eco friendly (recycled) club foot shoes for Pakistani kids replicating the US model, and bringing it into their range for those who can’t afford an imported one.

E-Commerce, Cohort 7
Cohort 7 - Light

Light offers a safe space for young women and girls to learn their rights through art therapy and offers to support this work through the purchase of powerful hand designed apparel from our online marketplace.

Healthtech, Cohort 7
Cohort 7 - Omicron Bionics

A Prosthetic Bionic Hand that will enable amputees to complete their daily life tasks more conveniently making their lives easy.

E-Commerce, Cohort 7
Cohort 7 - ORFOL

Online Reported Found or Lost is an online platform to report your lost and found situations/possessions

E-Commerce, Cohort 7
Cohort 7 -

To provide packaging solutions to small & medium e-commerce enterprises focusing on sustainable and ecofriendly option.

Agritech, Cohort 7
Cohort 7 - PEZ

Locally manufactured healthy and affordable Dog food.

E-Commerce, Cohort 7
Cohort 7 - ShahiRooms

ShahiRooms is an online budget hotel booking platform

Edtech, Cohort 7
cohort 7 - SKISH

SKISH is a mobile app that helps students to monetize their skills in educational campuses

Blockchain, Cohort 7
Cohort 7 - STF – Siqka

STF offers RASHAF is a computer vision and robotics AI Integrated Hardware Solution for industries like surveillance, retail, journalism and medical imaging. Computer Vision can definitely help customers with hardwares like license recognition system, surveillance drones, facial recognition combined with artificial intelligence.

IoT, Cohort 7
Cohort 7 - Think Connects

A cloud based IoT platform for aggregation and analysis of real-time data to improve productivity, efficiency and quality of business operations.

E-Commerce, Cohort 7
Cohort 7 -Tijarat

Building a marketplace for businesses

Cleantech, Cohort 7
Cohort 7 - WASGO

Catering waste in an eco friendly manner and converting it to produce useful and consumable by-products.

Cohort 6 - BIAS

Growth in the e-commerce fashion industry in Pakistan remains low because of the lack of trust customers have on size, quality, and the hassle of returning/exchanging items. With industry revenue growing at 14.2% and user base expected to reach 43.8 million by 2025, BIAS aims to tap into this market by offering door-to-door service connecting small-scale and boutique fashion brands with customers, assuming responsibility for quality and offering hassle-free returns/exchanges.

Edtech, Cohort 6
Cohort 6 - EDMY (PVT) Limited

Evening coaching and private tuition centres have a monopoly over exam preparation charging exorbitant fees for low quality and large group classes. EDMY aims to give students access to the same top faculty at a fraction of the cost through quality e-learning content that is aligned with examination board syllabi. The content is developed and delivered using pedagogical approaches designed specifically for online learning and covers the same material within a shorter time.

Edtech, Cohort 6

EMTEN Pakistan aims to help small-scale brands with digital advertisement using edutainment. The online platform runs regular live trivia and quiz games where participants can earn credit and prizes by answering questions about a variety of topics including questions related to particular brands advertising during showtime. The model ensures perfect user engagement for the brands’ benefit while giving participants a chance to cash in on their knowledge

Edtech, Cohort 6
Cohort 6 - FastTech Media

At 8.54%, youth unemployment in Pakistan is significantly high. This is particularly acute in rural Punjab where youth lack practical skills and find themselves ill-prepared for the job market. FastTech Media aims to address this void by equipping youth with practical in-demand skills through 3-month short courses in digital and IT skills including web development, SEO, Java, PHP, digital marketing and graphic designing that can open the door to local as well as remote employment opportunities.

Food, Cohort 6
Cohort 6 - Food Drive

Women’s participation in the labour force in Pakistan is low, in part due to restrictions on mobility, domestic responsibilities, and a lack of support. Home-based businesses, particularly food catering, can be viable alternatives for gaining financial security and economic independence. Food Drive aims to facilitate women-led catering businesses through a customized delivery service. The venture wants to help break stereotypes and encourage women to take the leap into entrepreneurship.

Agritech, Cohort 6
Cohort 6 - Green Planet

Industrial agriculture and adverse climate events in recent history have pushed smallholder farms to the edge. Green Planet aims to address smallholder farmers’ well-being by introducing technology to make them more efficient. They achieve this by i) digitizing farm management and introducing smart farming practices that incorporate data-based decision-making ii) educating farmers on developing unique value-added commodities like saffron, stevia, mushrooms, that deliver higher profit margins.

Textile, Fashion and Clothing, Cohort 6
Cohort 6 - Hajjam

Hajjam is a hair and beauty bookings platform that gives control to customers and salon managers by letting customers choose from a directory of salons and services and book appointments at times and prices that suit them. The platform also gives visibility to virtual salons and stylists who offer at-home services by connecting them to customers who prefer the convenience of home for their treatments.

Agritech, Cohort 6
Cohort 6 - Hum-Kissan

Agriculture is the largest contributor to Pakistan’s GDP (20%), employs over 40% of the workforce, and earns 80% of the foreign exchange through exports. Yet, the sector is on the decline particularly for smallholder farmers who cannot access traditional financial resources. Hum Kissan is simplifying agricultural financing by connecting farmers, manufacturers, financial institutions and government on a single platform using a closed-loop wallet for end-to-end service.

Healthtech, Cohort 6
Cohort 6 - Intelligent Drug Dispensary

Getting medical prescriptions filled/refilled is still a manual process in Pakistan where patients have to physically visit a doctor followed by the pharmacy. Intelligent Drug Dispensary makes the process efficient by connecting physicians/surgeons to patients and pharmacies through a unique predictive prescription writing application working in real time. The system will allow for the creation of validated medical history records accessible by all relevant parties, and bypass misinterpretation of prescriptions due to illegibility.

AI & ML, Cohort 6
Cohort 6 - Intelligent Guard

Inventory shrinkage can cost brick and mortar businesses billions of dollars every year. Most inventory shrinkage occurs due to theft, fraud, errors, and damage. Intelligent Guard’s artificial intelligence-based software helps detect potential shoplifters using footage from the store’s security cameras and notifies managers. The software is also capable of alerting the police about a robbery in real time as well as detecting fire hazards.

Fintech, Cohort 6
Cohort 6 - KalPay

E-commerce growth in Pakistan has been slow, primarily because of low credit card penetration and an absence of trust in online platforms and payment systems. For merchants, this translates into a high rate of shopping cart abandonment. KalPay steps in as a shariah compliant credit lender promoting a buy now, pay later service that gives customers who do not have credit cards, such as students, access to credit which can be paid off with 0% interest.

SaaS, Cohort 6
Cohort 6 - LoadEase

Moving a home or relocating to a new office space is a stressful process, made worse by worrying about the safety and security of one’s possessions. Load-Ease aims to eliminate the stress of moving by providing a safe and secure moving service for homes, offices, machinery and industrial units. With a focus on delivering excellent customer service, Load-Ease offers 24/7 availability, GPS and time tracking, trained packing and driving staff, and insurance against loss or damage.

Cleantech, Cohort 6
Cohort 6 - RePlaste

Pakistan produces 3.3 million tons of plastic waste every year causing toxins to enter our ecosystems and affecting human and animal lives. RePlaste wants to reduce the impact of plastics through a circular economy system. Adopting a holistic approach, they aim to instigate behaviour change through education, workshops, and habit-changing challenges, along with upcycling plastics to create innovative products that can be reused or sold.

Cleantech, Cohort 6
Cohort 6 - REsource

Appropriate waste management is a growing concern in Pakistan. REsource is a social impact enterprise that aims to provide professional waste investigation, guidance, services and infrastructure to reduce the waste footprint of cities. Along with providing sorting bins for households and businesses, REsource offers free resources to educate people about sorting at source as well as an online portal that facilitates selling and donating recyclable and compostable items.

Agritech, Cohort 6
Cohort 6 - Ripe

Approximately half of global food waste is fruit and vegetables, 40% of which is wasted during transit. Ethylene–the natural ripening gas of climacteric fruit–can accumulate in the supply chain and lead to fruit decay and waste. Ripe aims to create software that monitors ethylene levels in food containers in real time during transport and allow business owners to make intelligent decisions regarding their stocks and selling options.

E-Commerce, Cohort 6
Cohort 6 - Shadighar

Weddings in Pakistan are a multitrillion rupee industry, employing about 10 million people across fashion, event management, catering, and floristry etc. Wedding planning however, can be stressful and time-consuming. Shadighar aims to simplify the experience by creating an online one-stop shop for all things wedding-related. The platform allows customers to search, compare, and buy wedding-related products and services from a variety of vendors across 15 categories including venue, clothing, catering, and photography.

Edtech, Cohort 6
Cohort 6 - Soouch

Children today are growing up as digital natives, constantly interacting with screens and increasingly accessing knowledge through digital resources. Traditional textbooks are failing to meaningfully engage children in a way that promotes learning. Souch aims to enhance books using Augmented Reality to engage readers in an immersive and interactive 3D learning experience that can be accessed through a free mobile app on any smartphone.

E-Commerce, Cohort 6
Cohort 6 - StoreToDoor

Grocery shopping in Pakistan can be tiresome and time-consuming: customers have to battle traffic, face unregulated market prices, and now, also risk the spread of disease. StoreToDoor is an online shopping platform and delivery service that customers can use to buy all essentials. Their unique supply chain allows them to cater to the needs of not just individual consumers but also bigger corporate clients as well as supply stock to small shop owners.

Edtech, Cohort 6
Cohort 6 - Study Assist

Current classroom education does not equip students for the real world, and educational resources to fill these gaps have been developed only for older students. Study Assist believes that essential life skills need to be imparted at a younger age. Their aim is to target 6-18 year olds, providing them after-school support that fosters curiosity, critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration to build essential 21st century skills through digital learning solutions.

AI & ML, Cohort 6
Cohort 6 - TechNM

Roti is a staple food item in most South Asian diets. However, preparing rotis is a time-consuming and tedious process. While automatic roti-making kitchen appliances have entered the market, they carry a hefty price tag. TechNM is developing an affordable alternative for people on a budget. Their rotimaker will use flour, water, and oil as inputs to prepare rotis, replacing the process of kneading dough, rolling out, and cooking.

Transport and Logistics, Cohort 6
Cohort 6 - TransGo

The freight industry is still marred by inefficiencies that include labour-intensive brokering, insecurity, and under-utilized trucks running on inefficient routes, resulting in high costs. TransGo is developing a digital freight matching network that matches shipper demand for carrier capacity. The network will allow carriers to show available spare capacity and be automatically connected with shippers along the same route. Shippers will get competitive and transparent rates upfront and can track in-transit shipments in real time.

E-Commerce, Cohort 6
Cohort 6 - Trendin

With e-commerce poised to overtake physical retail in the next 5 years, Trendin’ aims to step in as a fashion e-commerce aggregator offering a curated shopping experience based on data analytics; shoppers get recommendations based on their preferences and what’s trending, while also tagging and interacting with others to recreate the social ritual of shopping. Fashion brands will benefit through increased engagement as their products get featured on trends boards and as part of stylized outfits.

Agritech, Cohort 6
Cohort 6 - Wellnesshive

Over 14 million of general population in Pakistan suffers from mild to moderate psychiatric illnesses. Mental health is still misunderstood and the stigma associated with counseling deters many people from seeking the help they need. Wellness Hive provides a proactive solution to promote mental health and well-being in young population while helping them improve their quality of life through personal development courses. These human skills enable them to face life challenges head-on while saving them from mental health disorders that emerge in early, middle and late adulthood.

Agritech, Cohort 6
Cohort 6 - Zumeera

Artificial fertilizers deplete soil nutrients and risk toxic overdose of chemicals that leach into the soil, further deteriorating soil quality and potentially affecting the growth of crops. Zumeera has developed an organic controlled-release, bioavailable fertilizer that is not only ecofriendly and prevents toxic buildup of chemicals but also increases crop yield by up to 3 times that of crops produced using traditional fertilizers.

Cohort 5
Automatic Cooking Machine

A machine that cooks your food with a single button press. ACM is introducing ease and automation in cooking by retaining the food quality, taste, minimize errors and wastage of food. Do you want to cook Chicken Karahi or mix sabzi with a single button press?

Cohort 5

To save fuel for future, Bio-diesel strives to develop a supply chain for collecting waste vegetable oils and animal fats. We convert these fats into bio-diesel ready to be used in diesel engine of cars and power generators.

Cohort 5
Chakoar Pakistan

We are trying to completely innovate tourism industry of Pakistan. Chakoar Pakistan is developing a platform which helps in promoting local tourism industry by offering travelers generate their itineraries. We have developed a comprehensive platform to solve tourists needs in one place.

Cohort 5
Digital Ads

We are employing block chain to solve the rampant problem of counterfeited products in Pakistan.

Cohort 5
Digital Creative Solutions

We make education accessible to everyone by offering contemporary learning methods through technology.

Cohort 5
E-Health Care

Improving healthcare, fetus heart rate monitoring, baby vaccination and remote online checkups through a framework of wearable and IoT-cloud-based health monitoring system.

Cohort 5

Our platform brings machine learning and data science with student psychology to explore the personality attributes of the student and then generate Projections for teacher and parents. We enhance the productivity of every kid and enable precise education with the help of precise psychology.

Cohort 5
Ghar Bethay

We ask our customers to sit back, relax and let us know how we can help in routine house chores. We have more than 3500 customers getting served daily through our efficient riders and workforce.

Cohort 5
Green Facade Retrofit

Implying green sustainable facades on existing buildings using retrofitting techniques to make cities regain their green footprint, bringing back the biodiversity, healthier environment to live and to fight the climate change.

Cohort 5
Hikerr Travel

Hikerr promotes socially responsible and Eco friendly tourism by arranging thematic tours to different areas of Pakistan. Through our tours, We spread awareness about climate change and unexplored areas of Pakistan.

Cohort 5

IMOBO is developing Engine Oil testing units to measure the quality of engine oil.

Cohort 5
Intelligent Heart Monitor

We have developed a device that can detect heart disease without doing ECG. Identifying heart condition through sound variations produced due to heart activity. This device will assist in the early detection of cardiac illnesses. It monitors and diagnoses any abnormality in real-time manner.

Cohort 5
International Services Pak

Sustainable waste management solution provider to help Pakistan get rid of solid waste affecting its ecosystem.

Cohort 5

Investogenie Developing Stocks prediction algorithms using artificial intelligence. Which stock options are safe or risky? Let the algorithm decide for you.

Cohort 5

Started with humble beginnings, when we would setup a dahi bhallay stall in our area, Lala Gee foods has now expanded to 5 locations thus serving more than 60 thousand customers annually. We provide traditional Lahori food with a twist.

Cohort 5
Merlin Education

Merlin Education is revolutionizing the educational system of Pakistan by designing student kits to support the teaching and learning of science through exploration and inquiry-based activities

Cohort 5

We provide full-scale consultancy to schools to equip them to teach modern learning practices. We are using technology to enable schools teaching contemporary skills to students.

Cohort 5
Organic Pakistani Dirt

Pakistani Organic Dirt converts food waste into compost (soil conditioner) with all-natural nutrients that are required for producing best yield for crops. We serve local urban gardeners and farmers.

Cohort 5
Organic.Ally Pakistan

Organic. Ally is not just a business but a vision to function and expand as the pioneers in the organic beauty and wellness segments of Pakistan to obtain organic beauty and lifestyle solutions through our diverse range of products.

Cohort 5
Pakistani Crafts

We aim to build a platform to showcase handicrafts of Pakistani artisans globally. We have built an extensive platform with hundreds of artisans and a few thousand products. The plan is to develop a skilled workforce and preserve centuries old heritage.

Cohort 5

PEER assesses the attributes of individuals by annotating handwriting, behaviors and emotions. Using a mix of all three, We align workforce with the requirement of industry. We also help people to choose right career path using our algorithms.

Cohort 5

PeopleInbox facilitates researchers to collaborate with each other by becoming a technology bridge. We are creating a global searchable community of students, researchers and Industry looking to collaborate with each other.

Cohort 5
Power Savers

Monitors power consumption of heavy household loads and sets up charging time intervals. A time based switching socket connected to mobile app which saves energy.

Cohort 5

Using artificial intelligence, Reefew summarizes news into effective and quality content and rids it from trivial details in less than no time. This grips readers' attention by saving their time and they can personalize the content based on their interest.

Cohort 5

STEM is offering a complete syllabus coverage for O/A Levels sciences without any cost via technology. The goal is to facilitate students and make education accessible to everyone.

Cohort 5

Taghayyur offers activity-based learning and career counselling to complement current education system. We try to teach modern skills on international standards so that students can improve soft Skills and Self-Awareness.

Cohort 5
Taleem Consultancy

TALEEM consultancy is transforming the conventional education system through developing technology that allows kids to create engaging, customized able lessons and nurtures the learning of early learners.

Cohort 5
Tap Tap

TapTap helps you to retain your focus during a session or meeting by saving only the important parts of conversations without recording the whole thing in real time.

Cohort 5

Helping small and medium businesses scale through efficient field management system. Tarsil helps optimizing field operation cost through process automation, Artificial intelligence and business analytics.

Cohort 5

TutorMe provides on-demand tutoring, qualified tutor with highly educated background especially in the context of newly introduced educational systems in Pakistan ;O/A levels, IB system and American Education system. We have produced more than 1000 jobs so far.

Cohort 5
White Sip

White Sip has developed milk pasteurization unit using HTST (high-temperature short time). This method kills all the bacteria present in raw milk and increases the shelf life without curdling, coagulating or altering the flavor.

Cohort 4

Adwheels is a 3d Hologram Smart Advertising Technology that introduces new ways of advertising that are cost-effective but digitally based and at par with the international advertising market. They offer 3D videos, billboards, and mobile media.

Cohort 4
Agricultural Engineering Services

AES team is up for Increasing agriculture output through hydroponics installation and consultancy services.

Cohort 4

Brainality is a Virtual Reality based solution for cognitive rehabilitation. The start-up provides Virtual Reality (VR) based therapy systems for several cognitive problems. These therapies offer immersive experiences to patients assessing and proposing customized therapy plans to follow for health improvement.

Cohort 4

Callvet provides Health Services for birds and animals.

Cohort 4
Car Helpline

CarHelpline is Pakistan’s 1st 24/7 Roadside Assistance Platform. It is a platform designed to help people who are stranded in the middle of nowhere to get emergency roadside assistance services immediately.

Cohort 4
Fitness Pro

Mudeser Ali Fitness follows the mantra that one should never diet. The founder provides effective diet plans and fitness routines to ensure people can lose fat effectively without resorting to harmful pills.

Cohort 4

Fruitistan is a B2B Fresh Produce Supply Chain Platform that saves fresh produce from wastage post-harvest. Furthermore, it reduces the farmer’s dependence on market places to sell their produce at a reasonable price.

Cohort 4

Fuel.Ai provides video analytic solutions for gas stations. They provide data and actionable insights about the customers benefitting from specified gas stations through the use of camera sensors and eventually a mobile application.

Cohort 4
Hyper Salon

Hyper Salon provides multiple beauty solutions to women under a singular platform by regulating services being provided by different vendors. It is a digital spa and salon service that offers over 50+ amenities in the privacy of one’s home.

Cohort 4
Industro Hub

Industro Hub provides automation of the Bobbin Transport System from Simplex to the Ring department. This innovation reduces manual labor, production downtime, bobbin breakage and the yarn quality. The automation further provides an auto doffing solution while significantly bringing down the costs.

Cohort 4
Kuch Khaas

Kuch Khaas is aimed at bringing the specialty of every city to one common platform so that users can get access to the most notable and unique items from one place reducing travel hassle.

Cohort 4
Mini Tractor

Mini Tractor provides a machine that prepares and binds wheat to produce post-harvest thereby saving time and reducing labor cost. The machines are cost-effective in comparison to what the international market has to offer and comes with 15 attachments increasing innovative usability.

Cohort 4

Philly’s is a cloud kitchen that focuses on home delivering 7 most sought after food items under a singular brand name. They intend only to home deliver thereby reducing overall fixed costs and providing high-quality food items.

Cohort 4
Plus One

Plus One is an iPad based management solution for small and medium scaled stores and restaurants. The management solution allows sales management and provides deeper insights to the owner with respect to inventory and expenses so that owners of the stores can take timely decisions.

Cohort 4

Rahnumai works towards making equal and qualitative education accessible for all. It is a portal that allows students to fill in their university applications online without having to travel to far off places. Additionally, it provides students with all required information ranging from fees structure, available scholarships et cetera without physically being present in the institutes.

Cohort 4

Sesame is an autonomous sandwich making and vending machine catering to the immediate need of getting a hot and fulfilling meal. The machine provides the user with easy and quick access to fresh, pre-defined or custom-made sandwiches.

Cohort 4
Stitch Karao

Stitch karao is a personalized, online service that provides premium quality stitching at minimal costs. Additionally, they reduce the traveling cost by delivering the final product to the doorstep of their customers.

Cohort 4

UAVinity provides drone-based mapping and surveying with AI-assisted Data Analytics in the industries of construction, mining, energy and many more. This allows easy and cost-efficient ways to collect high-resolution spatial data quickly, which otherwise would take weeks.

Cohort 4

Valuesbig is a B2C portal for thousands of Pakistani exporters to sell items globally. It is an E-commerce marketplace embodying global multi-channel marketing and collective bargaining with shipping companies.

Cohort 4

VampWelt is an e-store that sells customized, hand-crafted leather shoes nationally and internationally. It offers customization so its users can order the same design made as many times as they want to ensure the longevity of a single style.

Cohort 4
Zero Mika

Zero Mika manufactures biodegradable Sanitary napkins and focuses on countering the use of plastic and other harmful chemicals in the production of mensuration products. The start-up manufactures products that decompose within 216 hours ensuring both female and planetary health.

Cohort 3

Advertelligent uses computer vision and AI to optimize conversions and optimize marketing strategy to improve the ROI on marketing/advertising.


Cohort 3
Alrrish du ciel

Alrrish Du Ciel is a unique one stop solution for women with specific fashion needs. It is a start-up for women seeking style, comfort and unique alternatives to pre-existing brands.

Cohort 3
Apna Furniture provides buyers with Static Reality allowing them to see required furniture product within their space in 3D before buying or physically visiting the furniture store.

Cohort 3

Cinch offers an online platform for clients to get required services with specifically skilled professionals in each domain with just a click or a tap through their smartphones.


Cohort 3

Cosmic Perspective teaches students astronomy through intensive workshops, screening shows, portable planetariums, astro-tourism activities, and thought provoking merchandise.


Cohort 3
Girly Things

Girly Things produces a menstrual kit that includes all the essentials required by women in case of an emergency. The kit is delivered right to the individual herself.

Cohort 3
Hybrid 3D

Hybrid 3-Axis is a 3D printer with a CNC machine to fulfill the demands of small-scale industries and rapid prototyping.


Cohort 3

Lok Savari offers congenial services to help the tourists access the right person to arrange their trips through tour guides and operators to engage with the locals.


Cohort 3

Milkify provides a technology that, with a digital cooling and balancing mechanism ensures milk being transported to homes is kept pure despite the fluctuating weather.

Cohort 3

Mountainise is a small Machine Learning cog that fits in any industry to identify their problems and based on that learning, propose a solution.

Cohort 3
Parents Ease

Parentsease allows customers to shop and buy all possible insurance packages as a commodity through their online portalts with APIs with IFRS.

Cohort 3
RC Pakistan

E-Tadbeer sells DIY kits every year with a complete Robotics curriculum of 3 months one can subscribe for annually.

Cohort 3
Rent Easy

Rent Easy lets people rent idle assets by listing rooms to rent out, increasing options for accommodations by automating small hotels, guest houses through an online portal.

Cohort 3
Sabzi Box

Sabzi Box is a platform where individuals can buy fruits and vegetables from any store through an app to receive a pre-prepared package upon arrival.

Cohort 3
SE Drop

SE Drop deals with water scarcity in Pakistan. The start-up identifies the increased amount of chemicals in available water and purifies it for consumption.

Cohort 3
Send 2 World

Send2World is a business that allows movement of goods internationally and door to door with sufficient ease through efficient use of logistics, and reducion of complications involved in the freight forwarding industry.

Cohort 3
Sleepy Turtle

Sleepy turtle is a startup that aims to provide comfortable night wear to men of all ages and different walks of life.


Cohort 3

Smart Switch is a smart switch board that secures the home and reduces the electricity bill at the same time, thus, controlling energy consumption.

Cohort 3

Soop allows schools to go paperless with an end-to-end digital transformation by bringing all members of academia and respective stakeholders on a singular centralized platform.

Cohort 3

Strawhat introduces a smart helmet limiting vehicle operation unless the helmet is worn and by notifying the nearest ambulance and family members in case of an accident.

Cohort 3

Taajir is a B2B marketplace and trade platform designed for small and medium businesses in Pakistan bringing traders, wholesalers, retailers, and manufacturers on a single platform.


Cohort 3
Vector Inks

VectorInks saves time for designers and developers by reutilization of qualitative design elements at affordable prices.

Cohort 2

ACTIVATED C is a beauty/health brand that provides 100% organic Activated Charcoal products with no hidden chemicals or nasties


Cohort 2

E-Mandi is an online marketplace for farmers, buyers, middlemen and stakeholders of Agri Sector

Cohort 2
Big Bytes

Helping educational institutes establish their own robotics clubs/makerspaces by our workshops and equipment. Also, providing robotics experts for technical guidance in engineering projects.

Cohort 2
Born Realist

We’re are better way to selling ads


Cohort 2

Pakistan’s First Professional Networking Platform & Online Job Portal

Cohort 2

We take the hassle out of automobile selling and purchasing. Providing document clearance and an exact value to the car after a thorough check of its condition.


Cohort 2

Celeblime creates stories, videos and social media content about the things young Pakistani women care about. We talk about everything from fashion and beauty to weddings and work. We even talk about relationships, from a female perspective.


Cohort 2
Comic-Con PK

Teaching Cartoon Animation art and training personnel for Comic Book PDLCs and Animation PDLCs and Conducting awarness Campaigns for the same


Cohort 2
Entertainment Pak

Premiere Entertainment Portal Of Pakistan providing latest news, reviews, opinions and rankings for Film and TV Industry Of Pakistan. Syndication of entertainment news for Tv and FM radio channels.

Cohort 2

Service to promote E-Sports/Gaming in Pakistan through events, media and store


Cohort 2

Cooking and grooming classes for the help at home.

Cohort 2
Health Homie

Health Homie is a Premium Organic Foods & Products Store. We provide best quality and Certified Organic products to our consumers all over Pakistan.

Cohort 2
Home Innovation

Home innovation provide plug and play home automation in an instant with all the appliances control as well.

Cohort 2
Ilm Rohi

Blended learning teacher education program

Cohort 2 is a financial services comparison platform focusing on insurance, banking, telecom and investments sectors

Cohort 2
Mitti Ghar

Toxin free clay flameware & tableware to promote healthy cooking & eating.

Cohort 2

Its an application / online portal to facilitate the traditional ballot committee system for savings


Cohort 2

We aim to increase agricultural value addition to further capitalize on the agro-based economy here in Pakistan.


Cohort 2
RADA Technologies

We are trying to automate food industry

Cohort 2

Online/App based individualized fitness coaching by certified individuals (Training & Nutrition)


Cohort 2
Roady's Cafe

A ‘Plug and Play” food cart with all requisites – recipes, supplies, employee trainings etc.

Cohort 2

ShajarArt provides urban horticulture solutions.


Cohort 2
The Support Group

TSG provides therapeutic services to the community and private/public organizations.

Cohort 2
Trash Masti

Turn your trash/recyclables into cash using online application.

Cohort 2
Truck It

We transport goods using large vehicles


Cohort 2

Vceela is a Pakistani handicraft ecosystem which is going to connect every artisan directly to local and international market.

Cohort 2

Vehicle Collision Prevention System : its a system to prevent vehical collision in case of driver distraction by taking over vehical control.


Cohort 2
The Web Theatre

Pakistan’s first literary web channel.


Cohort 2
Women's Press

Publisher of books and research publications for schools, universities and institutions of higher education.


Cohort 1
Aero Engine Craft

Developing contrail-free aero-engines for reduced global warming and induced artificial rain during aircraft flight through on-board water recovery from fuel emissions

Sarah Qureshi
Cohort 1
Amna Sharif Jewelry

Design & produce handcrafted silver jewelry in its purest form.

Amna Shariff
Cohort 1
Edtech Worx

An experiential learning platform that offers online digital products for business education targeting university students and corporate executives.

Dr. Farrah Arif
Cohort 1
Fine Traders

Facilitating consumers at their door step by providing home appliances on easy installments.

Shabana Jamshaid
Cohort 1

Lahore Amateur Theater Zealot is providing quality entertainment through theater.

Huma Ejaz Zaman
Cohort 1
R- Academy

A beauty salon that empowers women by upskilling them for the beauty industry in Pakistan.

Rukhsar Hussain Khan
Cohort 1

Made-to-Measure your outfit within 24 hours with quality assured.

Arshia Mahrukh
Cohort 1
Zari Faisal Designs

An e-commerce based fashion and lifestyle products and content influencer platform. Manufacturing high end clothing at high street prices and retail them via website.

Zarlasht Faisal
Cohort 1

We are enabling the disabled to mobilize on their own, without the aid of the attendent, by using our sophisticatedly designed android and voice controlled wheelchairs

Cohort 1
Base Plan

We empower wholesale business honors to optimise business operations and keep data.

Cohort 1

A mobile & web application, enabling patients to get free diagnosis of skin diseases using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Cohort 1
Cake Factory

Marketplace for home based bakers

Cohort 1
Education Speedy

Converting the current curriculum from text to visual through 2D and 3D animation

Cohort 1
EDX Link

Online Platform for preparing pakistani matric and intermediate students for exams and teachers for test making solutions

Cohort 1

Providing an online pre incubator for start ups

Cohort 1

Devising processes for more sustainable future from waste management and energy

Cohort 1

Software platform for distribution of digital literary content in URDU

Cohort 1
MLQ Inventions

Art to Part; Engines with an Edge

Cohort 1

A magnetic product that fulfills the structural and visual requirements to help students self explore and teachers for curriculum development.

Cohort 1

Food Discovery platform which enables people to share their dining experiences

Cohort 1

Building construction services and building material supplies through an online platform

Cohort 1

We create books, games and other products for children, in order to increase language proficiency and learning through reading, playing and listening to stories

Cohort 1
Qanoon Online

Pakistan first online exclusive lawyers market place and bringing automation in legal industry

Cohort 1
Spice Affairs

Providing home cooked meals to universities, hostels and offices

Story Kit

We create books, games and other products for children, in order to increase language proficiency and learning through reading, playing and listening to stories

Taleem Dost

Pakistan First and comprehensive education platform for students who cant join academy or afford tutors for their exams preparations

Cohort 1

Uraan’s dream is to help Pakistani students to choose a career path they love. We provide a platform where the students can elevate their personality so that they soar in their professional world.

Cohort 1

Change the way you checkin your guest and attendies by using cloud technology and multiple access points to make it easier for you

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Cohort 1
Spice Affairs

Providing home cooked meals to universities, hostels and offices

Story Kit

We create books, games and other products for children, in order to increase language proficiency and learning through reading, playing and listening to stories

Taleem Dost

Pakistan First and comprehensive education platform for students who cant join academy or afford tutors for their exams preparations

Cohort 1

Uraan’s dream is to help Pakistani students to choose a career path they love. We provide a platform where the students can elevate their personality so that they soar in their professional world.

Cohort 1

Change the way you checkin your guest and attendies by using cloud technology and multiple access points to make it easier for you

Its an application / online portal to facilitate the traditional ballot committee system for savings


We aim to increase agricultural value addition to further capitalize on the agro-based economy here in Pakistan.


We are trying to automate food industry

Online/App based individualized fitness coaching by certified individuals (Training & Nutrition)


A ‘Plug and Play” food cart with all requisites – recipes, supplies, employee trainings etc.

ShajarArt provides urban horticulture solutions.


TSG provides therapeutic services to the community and private/public organizations.

Turn your trash/recyclables into cash using online application.

We transport goods using large vehicles


Vceela is a Pakistani handicraft ecosystem which is going to connect every artisan directly to local and international market.

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