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Welcome to Sprint Pakistan – Powered by digiBOP, an exciting initiative aimed at fueling innovation, empowering startups, and creating global impact. This campaign is a collaboration between The Bank of Punjab and the National Incubation Center Lahore (NICL) to accelerate the growth of Pakistani startups and connect them with international opportunities.


Sprint Pakistan is more than just a campaign; it's a catalyst for change in Pakistan's entrepreneurial landscape. Exceptional startups will be chosen to identify, nurture, and represent Pakistan at the prestigious Singapore Fintech Festival (SFF).


Date of the Singapore Fintech Festival: November 15-17, 2023


What We Offer:

  • Accommodation, Return Ticket, and Free Registration: The selected startups will receive full support, including accommodation, return tickets to Singapore, and free registration for SFF.
  • Global Exposure: A chance to present your startup on an international stage and connect with potential investors, mentors, and partners.
  • Training: Access to training to guide you in refining your pitch, business strategies, and growth plans.
  • Networking Opportunities: Engage with a global network of industry experts, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders.
  • Fundraising Support: Assistance in preparing your pitch for potential investors at SFF.
  • Post-Event Support: Continued support for selected startups to leverage their SFF experience for further growth.


How to Participate

  1. Eligibility: If your startup has a fintech component or if you believe it has the potential for global impact, we encourage you to apply.
  2. Application: Complete the online application form from your local NIC and BICs. Stay tuned to NICL’s Facebook page for updates on the local hackathons.
  3. Hackathons: Shortlisted startups will be invited to pitch their ideas at events organized by local NICs and BICs across various cities in Pakistan.
  4. Selection: Our panel of experts will select 3-5 outstanding startups (selection criteria as per local NIC/BICs) .
  5. Grand Hackathon: Selected startups from NICs and BICs will be invited to pitch at the Grand Hackathon happening at the National Incubation Center Lahore (in-person and online)
  6. Winners: Winning startups from the Grand Hackathons will represent Pakistan at the Singapore Fintech Festival.


How does your startup benefit?

  • Global Reach: Connect with the world's leading experts, investors, and entrepreneurs.
  • Funding Opportunities: Secure potential funding for your startup.
  • Learning and Growth: Immerse yourself in an environment of learning and innovation.
  • Networking: Build invaluable connections that can fuel your startup's growth.
  • Visibility: Showcase your startup to a global audience.


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For inquiries and more information, contact us at niclahore@lums.edu.pk

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