Makers Lab

Explore Pakistan’s leading multifunctional prototyping facility. 


  • 4+1 Axis CNC machining center with FANUC controller
  • CNC turning center with FANUC controller
  • CNC Wood Router
  • Co2 Laser Cutting Machine.
  • Multi layer PCB Manufacturing setup with the capability of PTH also called Plated Through Hole.
  • 3D printing on DLP,MSLA and FDM technologies in multiple resolution and sizes.
  • 3D Scanning Facility.
  • New product development & Reverse Engineering services.
  • All basic and advanced wood working and much more
  • Industry-grade metal and wood power tools.
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Inside the Makers Lab

Fulfil all your machining needs. Our qualified technicians can provide design and engineering support for use of our Hartford LG-500 CNC machines with FANUC controllers.
3D Printing Lab
Create prototypes, parts or replicas using FDM & DLP technologies and various materials on multiple printers. We also have a 3D scanner to capture a digital representation of objects.
Printed Circuit Board Lab
Design and create a variety of circuits in multiple layers and sizes. Use our milling and wet etching facilities to connect and manufacture devices for almost any solution.
Wood Lab
Use industry-grade tools and material including saws and planners to create prototypes, parts or models. On-site experts guide and facilitate at every point of the process.
Metal Lab
Weld, grill and drill using multiple types of metal with our high-quality machinery and power tools such as Arc and Tig welders, grinders and more.

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