In 2019, digital health represented a global market of approximately USD 350 billion- innovations in healthcare are helping cut costs, and improving patient outcomes simultaneously.

In Pakistan, leveraging the use of technology for health can help us save hundreds if not thousands of lives. Online access to medical advice, delivery of prescribed medicines to remote locations, advances in prosthetics, as well as digitising medical records are some examples where technology has made breakthroughs across the globe in healthcare.

With regards to accessibility and quality of healthcare, Pakistan ranks 154 out of a total of 195 countries, way behind its South Asian neighbours including Sri Lanka (71), Bangladesh ( 133) and India (145). Challenges within the health landscape in Pakistan range from inadequate spending on healthcare by the government to a dearth of medical partitioners and healthcare facilities. With only 3.20 per cent of the GDP being allocated towards healthcare and approximately 200,000 doctors across Pakistan catering to a population of 220 million (well below the WHO minimum of 1 doctor per 1,000 people) the healthcare sector in Pakistan faces serious bottlenecks.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for an ever evolving and technologically backed health sector has never been more apparent and more needed.

Pakistan ranks 154 out of a total of 195 countries ,way behind its South Asian neighbors including Sri Lanka (71), Bangladesh( 133) and India (145).
At NICL, we value inspiring entrepreneurs and visionaries who want to change the healthcare landscape and save lives.
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Each health-based start-up incubated at NICL will receive detailed training in entrepreneurship from LUMS faculty, as well as one-on-one mentorship with industry leaders with unique insight into the health-tech landscape, both locally and globally.

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Telehealth and digital pharmacies
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Wellness and disease prevention
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Digitalized Health Records
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AI-powered drug discovery

Our Start-ups

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