Logistics, Transportation & Entrepreneurship in Pakistan with Muneeb Maayr, CEO & Co-Founder Bykea

“What an incubation center allows you to do is rub shoulders with people who can solve different problems.. and that’s very encouraging” says Muneeb Maayr, Founder at Bykea بائیکیا

On Agri-tech opportunities in Pakistan with Usman Javaid, CEO & Co-Founder Ricult

The world will need double the amount of food it produces in 2050… From a global and regional perspective, this is one of the most important problems to try and solve” says Usman Javaid, CEO at Ricult.

Exploring the FinTech landscape in Pakistan with Qasif Shahid, CEO & Co-Founder Finja

“FinTech is the new potent force to evolve a country and digitize an economy” – Qasif Shahid, Foundation Council Member NICL, and CEO & Co-founder at Finja

Courtney Powell, COO 500 Global, in conversation with NICL on Pakistan's startup potential

NICL recently hosted Courtney Powell, COO and Managing Partner at 500 Global, a $1.8Bn international venture capital firm.

Air Quality is declining and pollution in Pakistan is on the rise. Can you solve this problem?

In just 2012, 11.6% of all global deaths occurred due to air pollution related diseases. Currently, Lahore tops the list of most polluted cities globally.If you have an idea that can solve these problems, apply now to NICL and let’s #SolveTogether!

We work across the following industry verticals and technologies:

Successful applicants will benefit from NIC's free resources including:

Business skills & technical training from the best in the industry & academia

Mentoring support from entrepreneurs, business leaders & investors

Entrepreneurial & creative spirit of shared co-working space on LUMS campus

Industry networking opportunities, access to market resources




Graduated Ventures


Female Entrepreneurs


Seed Investments





Let's work together to help your idea be all that it can be.

Let's help Pakistan be all that it can be.

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Elizabeth Kennely Trueau

US Counsel General

Extraordinary environment

Extraordinary environment, world class opportunities.

KG Charles Harris


Awesome !

Awesome. haven't seen anything like this in Pakistan.

Andre De Bussy

French Embassy

Collaborating was efficient

Impressed by the centre, which helps to spread the knowledge in Pakistan.

Musadaq Zulqarnain

CEO Interloop LTD

An amazing initiative

An amazing initiative. Pakistan and its youth need such initiatives. I am impressed with the whole idea. Wish success to NIC and LUMS.

Nthime Khode

Bopa Morup Private Equity, South Africa

Truly inspirational facility

Truly inspirational facility and space that you have created. The ideas and passion and energy that flow through their space is remunerable.

Imran A. Shah

Managing partner and co-founder IBB consulting Group

Game Changing Innovations

I am extremely proud of all that you have accomplished in such a short period of time. I look forward with great enthusiasm all of the game changing innovations and value that NIC Lahore will produce. Keep discovering new worlds.


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